Ameesha Patel after her visit to Bihar: I could have been raped and killed

Ameesha Patel, who was looking for candidate Prakash Chandra in Bihar, has accused him of treating her badly. The actor claimed the trip was “a nightmare” and that he “threatened her and team members.” Chandra fights from the constituency of Obra Municipality. Patel has reportedly said she was “afraid for her safety.”

In an interview with India todayAmeesha Patel said, “I was so scared for my life and for the team of people that was with me that I had no choice but to play quietly until I reached Bombay safely.”

“Even when I got back to Mumbai last night, he started sending threatening phone calls and messages and asked me to speak highly of him as I had been honest about my terrible experience with him …”

While the actress was in Bihar for the political campaign, Ameesha Patel claimed that Obra Prakash’s LJP candidate Chandra had made her miss an evening flight. “Instead, he kept me in the village and threatened to leave me there if I didn’t agree and went along.”

Ameesha Patel concluded, “But when I reached Mumbai I had to let the world know the truth. I could have been raped and killed. My car was surrounded by its people at all times and they refused to let my car go until I didn’t. “Didn’t do what he said. He set me up. And put my life in danger. This was his way of working.”

On the work front, Ameesha is all set to make her digital debut with 7th Sense. The show is directed by Karan Darra and the story and screenplay are by Gibran Noorani. While the story for the web series “Line of Fire” was written by Shayak Roy and Ankul Singh. Directed by Shayak Roy, the screenwriters include Ankul Singh, Nikhil Mishra and Sanjay Kumar Chadwara.

Madhu Bhandari, Amey D. Nargolkar and Munir Awan are the associated producers for both web series, while Parag Parekh and Ronak are the financial advisors.

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