Anubhav Sinha on 9 years of RA. One: I have to make another superhero movie

On Monday, in celebration of nine years since the release of his Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan starrer RA.One, filmmaker Anubhav Sinha revealed he has yet to make another superhero movie “just for a catharsis.”

Anubhav Sinha
Anubhav Sinha

His ambitious sci-fi movie, touted as the greatest movie of 2011, turned out to be a nasty job. “It was probably the most bittersweet experience of my life,” said Sinha. “It was such an achievement and disappointment in many ways. Thank you, and sorry team,” he added.

On the day of its release, editor-in-chief Shirish Kunder tweeted, “I just heard a Rs 150 crore fireworks hiss.” Three months after the film’s release, SRK and Kunder were embroiled in an ugly fight when they came face to face at a bash hosted by Sanjay Dutt at a Juhu nightclub.

A few years earlier, the actor-director duo wanted to make the sequel to this science fiction drama. Anubhav Sinha was quoted saying: ‘Ra One’ is such a brand that you do everything with that brand, it will always be long awaited. And its success depends entirely on the way it is performed. So I gather that’s probably not the most accurate, the day you announce the sequel to ‘Ra One’ it will be the most anticipated movie of the year. “

The director said he and Shah Rukh have been talking about the sequel for a long time, but have not made a decision about it due to their busy schedules.

“We are discussing remaking ‘Ra One’. But at the moment I don’t think he has time for it. I certainly don’t have time for it. And also to start that goal is the first thing you need have a story and I don’t have one at the moment. It’s not on a paper proposal yet. “

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