Arjun Kapoor on his COVID-19 treatment: Took six to eight hours to accept the situation, had to realign my life

From Amitabh Bachchan to Malaika Arora, several Bollywood celebrities have tested positive for the coronavirus. Last month, Arjun Kapoor revealed that he too had tested positive. After a tough battle with the virus, Arjun finally beat it and tested negative.

The actor has now revealed in detail how he defied isolation while recovering from the virus. Arjun also revealed how he managed to sail through, and that he is now thriving with positive energy again. Speak against Hindustan Times, the actor said: “I was confused, felt varying degrees of emotion. I was upset because I had to realign my life and I was looking forward to being on set. Then I realized that I was now must be with my family so there was a little bit of concern, anger, irritation, but I also knew I had to deal with it practically. This Sunday (September 6) was just out of proportion for me. It took me six to eight hours to accept the situation before I could talk to the doctor. I calmed down when the doctor told me I was usually asymptomatic. I felt mild symptoms coming in during the course, so I think I was fine. “

Speaking of his long road to recovery, the 2 States actor said, “I was lucky enough to have Anshula (Kapoor; sister) at home who literally organized my isolation in the sense of living in my own room and using my kitchen utensils and laundry room. Was cleaning, eating in disposable plates, and just resting. Also, I am grateful to my doctors, with whom I was in constant contact via video calls. On the 14th day, the doctor allowed me to take a walk on the patio. immunity level was low so I had to take it easy. For anyone who reads or believes that there are no long term side effects, I can assure you that the repercussions will be felt throughout your body as the fatigue and lack of fitness, strength doesn’t go away overnight. You can’t just get out of bed and run. “

The actor also warned that everyone should take COVID-19 seriously. “I had mild symptoms, but it took me a while to recover. If you are young and believe that you will not take damage and there will be no damage, you are wrong.”

Just like Arjun, his girlfriend Malaika Arora had also become infected with the deadly virus. While Arjun tested positive on September 6, Malaika became infected the next day. In a recent interview, Malaika had related her journey and how she’s suffering with the virus. She said: “The first thing that came to mind when I tested positive for the coronavirus was that everyone in my house is safe and protected because there is always that fear that you might have been in contact with them. that I did not infect if someone had been tested, I isolated in my room My situation was not that serious so I did not have to be admitted to an institution and could treat myself at home.

Malaika Arora also shared how she tried to change her lifestyle despite a healthy diet. “The food used to be outside my room and it was all disposable, so it wasn’t a problem. I’ve been a vegetarian and vegan for a long time, but the doctor suggested I change because I needed to build up my diet. So I started some eat dairy and chicken soup and broth (something I had practically every day) that were curative to the system. “

Previously, veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan, his son Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Aaradhya Bachchan were infected with COVID-19. Actress Genelia D’Souza had also contracted the deadly virus.

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