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Actor and filmmaker Noel Clarke has been suspended by BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) following allegations of sexual harassment against him by 20 women. According to an investigative article from The Guardian, many women share their admiration from both the on-off-record workplace landscape, alleged inappropriate behavior from Noel Clarke, who sneaked naked to an actress during an audition for various stories Unwanted attitude towards women. In the article, Clarke denies the allegations.

The PA news agency released a statement by Noel Clarke that read, “I deny any sexual misconduct or criminal misconduct.” However recent reports have made it clear to me that some of my works have influenced people in ways I did not intend or realize. To those individuals, I deeply regret. I will ask for professional help to educate myself and change for the better. “

BAFTA suspended Noel Clarke and canceled his recent award. “In view of allegations of serious misconduct regarding Noel Clarke in The Guardian, BAFTA has decided to immediately suspend his membership and outstanding British contribution for the Cinema Award,” the statement said. The President and Chief Executive of BAFTA – Krishnendu Mazumdar and Amanda Berry respectively issued a detailed statement after the news surfaced.

Complete status by BAFTA

You may have seen the story in today’s Guardian about a BAFTA member and recent Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema (OBCC) award recipient Noel Clarke. We are grateful that The Guardian was able to provide a platform where victims were able to identify themselves and tell their stories.

As soon as The Guardian published firsthand accounts yesterday we suspended the immediate award and Noel Clarke’s membership until further notice. We wanted to make you aware of this situation so that you can get the complete picture.

To be very clear, we did not know of any allegations related to Noel Clarke prior to the announcement of the OBCC award on 29 March. We want to assure you that we have treated this matter with utmost seriousness, care and due process at all levels. The BAFTA Board of Trustees remains correct in this matter, has met several times and fully supports all actions taken.

The allegations against Mr. Clarke are very serious and the behavior they conduct is contrary to the values ​​of BAFTA and everything that stands for it. However abhorrent these allegations may be, they cannot be dealt with without due process. BAFTA is an art charity which is not in a position to properly investigate such cases.

In the days following the announcement, BAFTA received anonymous emails regarding allegations regarding Noel Clarke. These were anonymous or second or third number accounts through middlemen. No charges were sent to us earlier. No names, times, dates, creations or other details were ever provided.

If the victims went on record, as The Guardian has, the award was immediately suspended. Noel Clarke’s lawyer received a legal notice to this effect. It was always clear what our intentions would be.

We asked individuals to come forward with their accounts and identify themselves, as they have done with The Guardian, but due to anonymous claims and lack of firsthand exclusivity, we did not have sufficient grounds to take action.

We fully understand why individuals were extremely afraid to identify with us, and we recognize how difficult it is for victims to speak up. First, we encouraged them to report incidents to their representatives, employers and / or police. We then further advised which organizations could provide appropriate assistance to the affected individuals.

Additionally, we were conscious of how difficult it was to report these issues and as a result we hired an independent, properly qualified person with whom victims could discuss issues raised in a safe and confidential environment.

The specialist has a great deal of experience working with individuals who have faced sexual harassment, bullying, and abuse and who understand the fear and unwillingness of individuals to identify themselves. The specialist is a lead consultant to establish safe centers for women and is able to lead individuals through their various options. The process involved taking the advice of the right person, appointing them and briefing them thoroughly. We wanted to make sure that we had the right person.

We acted as quickly and helpfully as possible, even though we had only the most general information about the claims and no actual firsthand information to investigate the allegations which were of a criminal nature.

After receiving the same anonymous email, Noel Clarke contacted BAFTA, immediately requested a conversation and sent us several texts. We confronted him with anonymous allegations, which he strongly denied.

Our lawyers have advised us every step during this process to ensure that we have handled the case properly. Given that we do not have any personal testimony that what The Guardian produced was in an aggressive position and it would be unfair to withhold the award based on extremely limited information to the point where we had unknown sources.

As you know, BAFTA has taken action against individuals who have been accused of similar behavior in the past, but in those cases we were able to do so because there was evidence that allowed us to take action Used to give

We deeply regret that the women felt unable to provide us with the first type of testimony that has now appeared in The Guardian. If we were to achieve this, we would not award Noel Clarke.

One of the largest talent management agency, Creative Artists Agency, has removed Noel Clarke following allegations of misconduct. His managers in the United States, 42 in industry entertainment and UK managers, have also left him as their client.

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