Faisal Khan: How do I ever get out of the shadow of Aamir Khan?

Faisal Khan recently hit the headlines after claiming that his family had forcibly given him medicine and kept him under house arrest for a year. Speaking of which in an interview, Khan said“When the family felt that I was depressed and had paranoid schizophrenia, they kept me under house arrest for a year and gave me powerful medication.”

Now, in another interview with ETimes, Faisal Khan started talking about being in the shadow of brother Aamir Khan and wanting to create his own identity. When asked if he had gotten any help from Aamir for his directorial debut Faactory, Faisal said, “No, I didn’t get any help from Aamir, he hasn’t even heard the script of the movie I’m making. And that. neither did I “I don’t need any help as such because I’ve been through the process. I joined as the third assistant and climbed up to the first assistant, then I played in a few movies, I did TV, did theater. I’ve gone through the whole grind. “

Speaking of the time he joined Aamir’s production house, Faisal said he was reading scripts even then. He said, “I don’t have to rely on Aamir for anything, because in the end it has to be a vision that a director has. And I didn’t want to get input from anyone; I wanted to run the project on my own. Whether it’s a hit,” it’s my baby, if it’s a flop, it’s my baby. “

Faisal Khan added, “Also, how do you form your own identity? I have had my own struggles. How do you escape from that. How does Faisal Khan ever break from the shadow of Aamir Khan? Why does no one write it like Faisal Khan’s? brother Aamir? The whole system needs a big change. “

Speaking of Faisal Khan’s movie Faactory, it’s a romantic thriller and is expected to be released by the end of the year. “We are deciding on an OTT platform on which Faactory will receive a worldwide release, and we will release a trailer very soon,” he said.

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