Hansal Mehta on his movie Simran: It was a painful time, the movie affected my mental health

Hansal Mehta has been a prolific filmmaker for the past two decades. Known for a number of sounding and resonant films such as Shahid, Aligarh, Citylights, Omertà, he now basks in the glory of his show, the stunning success of Scam 1992. In one of his recent interviews, he talks about the series and also revisits Simran’s scars.

In an interview with Huffington Post IndiaWhen asked about the show, Mehta said, “I’ve been a big fan of these kinds of dramas. I was excited to get my hands on a project as complex as this one. Oliver Stone’s Wall Street is one of my favorite movies. More recently, movies like The Big Shot and Margin Call, which was about the Lehman Brothers, topped my list. It’s a phenomenal, underrated movie. “

He added, “As for TV shows, I love billions. How much can you understand that? But once you find out more, it all starts to make sense. I realized people were picking up the story along the way. You must be respectful and aware of the intelligence of the audience. Sometimes I feel like we make it so stupid that it is disrespectful to the audience. When we were writing it was a conscious call not to disdain them but it instead, explain it in a way that doesn’t come across as unnatural. “

When asked about his 2017 film Simran and the impact of its failure, the filmmaker said, “It was a painful time. Every day. Apart from that, it’s hard to talk about it. Watch it again. There was a painful time. time after the movie came out, i was going through a very low phase mentally. i was taking therapy. the movie affected my mental health. i went into a shell, i didn’t want to meet people. i was in a very low stage. self image. “

The filmmaker also stated that although he enjoyed Kangana Ranaut’s company outside of the sets, something went wrong during the making of the film. He revealed, “I can’t control it. That’s not a pleasant situation. In addition to being in charge of the set and starting to direct other actors, I also lost a lot of money. It had nothing to do with her. Financially it affected me. heavy. I was stupid enough to sign some papers when for some reason the movie got stuck, which got me into a financial and legal confusion. So for almost a year and a half, arbitration was going on in court. or came back more. “

The filmmaker is now teaming up with Rajkummar Rao again for the sports comedy Chhalaang, which is all set to hit Amazon Prime Video on the eve of Diwali.

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