Jatin-Lalit on 20 years of Mohabbatein: SRK is fantastic when it comes to bringing out the emotion of romance

Mohabbatein boasted of an incredible music album with super hit songs that touched the hearts of the audience. Humko Humise Churaalo, Pairon Mein Bandhan Hai, AANhein Khuli Ya Ho Band, Soni Soni, Chalte Chalte and title song Mohabbatein Mohabbatein received love and appreciation. they created soundtracks that became iconic in the history of Indian cinema.

Jatin says, “Mohabbatein is one such movie that is very rarely made in India. The songs of the movie are made so melodic, taking into account the situation of the movie, songs play a very unique role in the movie. single movie situation seen before (rather each situation was different from the other). “

Lalit added, “Mohabbatein was one of the most difficult films to make music for and it became one of the most melodic music albums. The assignment for the music and the inspiration for the music came from Aditya Chopra. His narration of the film, his situations from the movie were so different that it was always going to be difficult. Difficult because there are 4 parallel love stories going on at the same time, they have a different mood and each song had to have antaras made for different couples, so the tunes had to be different too . “

In particular, the duo has created magical music for Shah Rukh Khan, such as the blockbuster Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. Jatin says, “I sometimes think Shah Rukh Saab and our combination is in Waqt just like Rajesh Khanna and RD Burban. No matter how many movies we’ve made with him, the music was a super duper hit because he has such a persona. He knows so much about music himself, but he will never tell. When he starts performing the songs, you can feel like he’s so musical. That’s why he was able to carry music very nicely like Rajesh Khanna used to wear! “

Lalit added, “Shahrukh ji is a charmer. He’s fantastic when it comes to bringing out the emotion of romance in his face and anyone can fall in love with his smile. He brings so much to a song. I think we are lucky to have made so many romantic movies with SRK. He’s such an asset to a song, he’s even the one who takes the song to another level. All the top superstars we remember today are known for the songs that they like Rajesh Khanna sir. SRK is one such actor of his generation who has great music and will always be remembered. ”

Mohabbatein’s songs have become timeless and have been an album for centuries. The composer duo opened up about their inspiration and talked about what they believe is the USP of the blockbuster album. Jatin says, “I would say the freshness of this movie, the conflict between Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan is amazing, the energy that all the young people brought to the screen was special, the submission of Aishwarya Rai and her on and off presence , it was new at the time. Everything worked for the movie and the music we made. “

Lalit adds, “We couldn’t make this music shorter than what we had done DDLJ, one of the greatest musical scores in the history of Indian cinema. This was an Aditya Chopra movie and the music had to be DDLJ. He’s incredibly passionate and hard-working and we wanted to make an album so melodic that it touches people’s hearts and souls. ”

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