Kareena Kapoor Khan on her pregnancy diet: I have to eat for myself instead of two

Kareena Kapoor Khan, who was then yet to chart much of her weight loss journey, spoke with this reporter to discuss her post-partum fitness routine in 2018 and talked about how exhausted she was when she was a “90-kilo girl. “. Connecting with the afternoon as part of her association with the dairy brand Pride of Cows, she says several lessons from her first pregnancy allow her to approach her routine properly, this time. The first is …

Eating for two? No, thank you!

When I was expecting Taimur, [I] tended to believe the myth that an expectant mother [must] eat for two. I made choices there [made me] about 25 pounds. But the most important thing I learned was that no matter how you change your diet, you have to stick to the basics: the right amount of nutrition through grains and vegetables. Women are very hungry when they are pregnant, but I realized that I have to eat for myself instead of for two.

Expecting training?

I monitor my fitness regime regularly. It’s not exactly contrary to what I usually do. In fact, my fitness regime and diet are the two constant in my life. I make sure that I get enough nutrition from dairy. Ghee is called an ancient superfood, and I swear by it. I add a teaspoon of it to my meals and have a bowl of curd at least once a day. These are high sources of protein and vitamin B12, and make the intestines stronger, allowing for recovery. I also add leafy green vegetables and stay hydrated at all times.

It’s not always in the genes

I [definitely] have to take care of my diet and follow simple methods to keep fit. Accepting your body type will help you stay for a long time [happy]. As long as you are healthy, the shape or size you are shouldn’t matter. I stay positive and exercise regularly. I am generally confident in myself and my body. A fitness journey should be cathartic, just like it is for me. [Treating it that way] is also important for a person’s mental well-being. Finding the right balance between my personal and professional life has also helped me.

The role of food

I eat simple Indian food and have been a vegetarian for much of my life. [Even today] I can’t eat meat for a long time. Anything excess can have adverse consequences. But rob yourself is also not required. Finding the right balance and sticking to the right ratio [is the trick]. I divide my meals into several [portions], and that helps me to stay full and energized all day long. But I make sure not to exceed my serving size at every meal.

Friends with benefits

I am blessed with friends like Amrita [Arora Ladak] and Malaika [Arora] that constantly motivate me to keep fit. Amrita is very aware of her health and works hard to keep fit. That’s nice, because we keep each other passionate and impose on each other to follow the routine together. We have our group training sessions often, which is nice.

The cheats


What’s your cheat meal:

Pasta and caramel custard. I wouldn’t call them cheat meals; I prefer to call them indulgences.
How often do you enjoy: At least once a week.
How do you compensate: I don’t add excess cheese because my body won’t accept it. I prefer gluten-free pasta, and beet pasta, too.
I usually have it made at home because those prepped outside are overweight and make me feel full. I ask my cook to make it into an olive oil preparation.

On Aditya Seal’s playlist


Baianá – Cradle
Joe Bonamassa – Riding with the Kings

Fitness Tip That Works For

John Abraham


I haven’t had a cheat meal in twenty years. I believe if you eat everything you have a weak mind. If you have a strong mind, you will be disciplined. And only then can you achieve anything you want

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