Kubbra Sait: I attacked Ranveer Singh’s wedding with an invitation

The lockdown lets us all binge on OTT shows with a speed and intensity like never before, enjoying new stories, daring stories and some brilliant performances from the best actors. In the latest installment of Filmfare Spotlight, Sacred Games celebrity Kubbra Sait spills some beans.

The multi-faceted star looked back fondly on her journey from Sacred Games to Jaawani Jaanemaan and shared some fond memories from the Sacred Games sets. She remembered one of those cases where Nawazuddin Siddiqui did not recognize her. She said, “I remember one time I hadn’t worn my wig and my hair was big and with my curls and I sat down next to him and he didn’t recognize me. He looked away, went away and went back to look. on his phone, and 5 minutes later I asked, “Would you like to say goodbye?” And he said: “Arre aap hai.” And I said, “Haan mai hu” And then he said, “Nai wo aapka Taam Jhaam nai tha (referring to her wig) so didn’t know it was you.”

She was enthusiastic about Ranveer Singh and shared a funny story with him, saying, “I met him many eons ago when I hosted a show in a crowd of 5000 people. You can’t imagine being remembered by a superstar of that order. when you put on a show but he remembered me When Sacred Games came out he texted me and I lost my plot He just like Kya Boss told me you’re a daredevil And you know what I got in return said, “Yes, don’t forget to invite me to your wedding.” So that’s how I think I earned myself an invitation and he was very generous and kind I would say I crashed his wedding with an invitation. “

Check out her chat on all of these topics, along with many lesser-known facts about the iconic show Sacred Games. New episodes every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at noon exclusively on Filmfare’s social media platforms.

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