Mandira Bedi talks about adopting a 4-year-old: we have always wanted to bring a daughter into our lives

Mandira Bedi and husband Raj Kaushal recently adopted a 4-year-old girl from Jabalpur and shared the happy news on social media. The couple have a son, Vir, who now has a little sister to play with and take care of, and he couldn’t be happier!

Talk about the whole adoption process and how the family feels blessed now that Tara Bedi Kaushal is part of the unit, Mandira said ETimes, “As long as the legal formalities are not fulfilled, it should not be made public. When a child comes home, it is considered to be in foster care for the first month; then legal proceedings begin. Courts were closed, we had to wait.”

She added, “We had filed for adoption three years ago, but it was during the lockdown that I felt the void even more. So I went back to my adoption application (filed with the Central Adoption Resource Authority). We realized that we had to wait a long time since we mentioned a preference for three states from which we would have liked to adopt. “

While sharing how she and her husband Raj decided on the name Tara many years ago, Mandira Bedi explained that they were looking for an older child as they didn’t want too much age difference between her and their son Vir who is nine. “However, no one met the criteria. That’s why we were advised to expand our search throughout India. Within a week we found Tara in a town near Jabalpur.”

Tara has adapted quite well to life in the Bedi Kaushal household, sauce Mandira. She told the publication: “We had a few video calls before we met her, and she kept asking, ‘When are you coming?’ Today Tara is very happy and has felt at home. She is naughty, fun and absolutely comfortable. Tara adores him and continues to call him Viru bhaiyya, while treating her like his annoying little sister. Recently, during one of his online classes, he asked his teacher if he could introduce his sister to the class. “

Mandira Bedi has also been busy tutoring her daughter at home, and Tara will go to school with other children when the schools reopen. “Many years ago we decided that we would have one biological child and adopt another. We have always wanted to bring a daughter into our lives, and Tara is a fulfillment of that dream,” the actress concludes.

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