Producer Mansi Bagla celebrates Navratri with Maa Sharda

What are your Navratri celebration rituals?
Navratri is all about honoring the sacred deity and experiencing spiritual cleansing. I spend my time in the home temple, with my best friend, meditating on the divine Shakti. I seek spiritual wisdom to nurture my soul. And this is because I have had a connection with God from the beginning. I also like to dress in traditional outfits. Looking and feeling Indian makes a woman extraordinarily sensual!

‘I am a child of God. It is a heavenly privilege to be his child, but it also involves sacrifices. ‘ Mansi Bagla

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How did you realize you were close to God and spirituality?
I realized this early on in my life. I am a child of God; I always felt connected to God, but I had no right direction to channel it further. My best friend Palak led me to this path. The moment I lost my mother, when I was unable to track down real benefactors of general people, when I had irrational doubts and lost faith in almost everything, I got an inner surge that took me back. I found myself. That is the power of Maa Sharda, whose miracles I have felt over time. I’ve felt God give me signs; he has always come down to me in different ways, and I know he is always watching over me. Take care of me like Maa Sharda is my best friend, Palak. She radiates tremendous divine energy and positivity. I am honored to say that thanks to her I am happy in my existence.

Explain your admiration for Maa Sharda and her influence.
The beauty of Maa Sharda is enchanting to me; she is so stunning and attractive that I pray to her to give me the same qualities – beautiful, inside and out. Maa Sharda’s charisma inspires me to be stronger than yesterday. I can love wholeheartedly but still can turn around and abandon someone if they’re not worth it. I strongly believe that every girl should know her worth. We should have people in our lives who don’t keep changing like the seasons.

‘Real people don’t meet you at your best. They meet you in your mess. ‘ Mansi Bagla

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Are you dedicating your impressive film venture to God?
Everything I do is with divine blessings. I’ve worked out my guts and emerged victorious in my endeavors. From school teachers to friends and family, everyone who knew me could see my creativity, and I was always told that I had an inherent skill, just like a movie director. I thank Maa Sharda who is also a roop of Kala ki Devi – Saraswati ji for doing her favors. I wanted to enroll at Pune University to pursue my passion for filmmaking, but I couldn’t do that due to the circumstances. I had given up on that idea until the lockdown started this year. I took the opportunity to learn virtually and started online courses, and the ray of hope came back into my life. For four months I immersed myself in preparing for my step into making films. And the miracle that knocked on my door in August was the occasion where the brilliant G. Ashok Sir saw the director in me, generously offered to guide me and share the responsibility of Mini Films. I got all the right signals from God to proceed – Ashok Sir is also a spiritual individual, and his upcoming release ‘Durgavati’ was quite an indication that things were falling into place. This overwhelming surprise shows how each event strengthens my unshakable faith in God.

‘Good and evil? It’s just the players. It is God turning the game! ‘ Mansi Bagla

How has your belief in spirituality affected you as a person?
My spiritual roots have connected me with my inner self. I am a person who values ​​morality above all else. I hate hate. I hold on to the people who respect my feelings, listen and listen to my thoughts, and pamper me when I need it. I’ve always been transparent when it comes to showing my emotions and being spiritual helps me stay aware. If I was meant to be controlled, I would have come up with a remote. I am a conservative girl, but my thoughts are bold.

“Love and faith are everything to me. The phrase ‘I love you!’ has become so overused and become pedestrian, I prefer people to be sincere and mean it when they say it. “Mansi Bagla

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