Ram Gopal Varma: My office is no longer in Mumbai, I moved in recent months

Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Factory’ office was located in the Andheri area of ​​Mumbai and the filmmaker worked in the city. However, he has now left Mumbai and has spoken about it recently. He has revealed that he has moved the base to Goa.

Speak to the Times of India, he said, “Goa is best suited for the type of projects I am looking at. My ‘Factory’ office is no longer in Mumbai. I was in Hyderabad for much of the lockdown but am from Mumbai in the past. moved few months. “

Was the pandemic affected by the Coronavirus the reason why he decided to make this decision? This is what Varma had to say: “Everyone has become accustomed to a different way of communicating; face-to-face meetings are a thing of the past. Everyone talks and meets through online chats.”

Varma made his debut in Hindi films as a director with Nagarjuna’s Shiva in 1989 and went on to direct such films as Raat, Rangeela, Daud, Satya, Kaun, Mast, Jungle, Company, Bhoot, Sarkar, Sarkar Raj, Rakht Charitra, Rann, and The Attacks of 11/26.

Create a horror titled 12 hours in a short span of 40 days, the filmmaker had something to say. “We took the necessary precautions during filming. The subject and locations we focused on were such that we were able to film in controlled environments. We shot for it in August, right across Mumbai and Hyderabad,” Varma told me halfway through the day.

The filmmaker, who has successfully immersed himself in the genre with films like Raat and Bhoot, confessed to be fascinated by it. Considering fear is a natural instinct, he tries to encourage viewers to be imaginative. He confessed to trying a series of tricks to bring his movies to life. “At noon, more than the camera movements and music, we counted on the performances to stir fear and make scenes as believable as possible.”

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