Renuka Shahane on Tribhanga: women’s unconventional choices must be represented

Fans who have missed her candidness and liveliness on the big screen are eagerly awaiting the release of Kajol’s web debut, Tribhanga: Tedhi Medhi Crazy. As the family’s matriarch in the spotlight, the actor says her character is a lot like her. “My character is outspoken and opinionated, just like viewers [perceive] I am. Yet she is different. The film is a celebration of women and their beautiful imperfections. We must embrace these [flaws] and live on our own terms, just the way [the protagonists] Nayan, Anu and Masha do. “

If the movie’s recently revealed teaser is testimonial, the Netflix offering follows an intergenerational family of three wives and their unconventional life choices. Kajol, who is supported by Tanvi Azmi and Mithila Palkar in the drama, was able to draw on her experiences as a mother to revive the role. “As a mother, I can vouch for the fact that women face countless challenges because the smallest things we do affect our children. A mother is a minefield of emotions. I hope the film resonates with people of all ages.” , says the actor, praising Renuka Shahane for guiding the project tactfully.

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Shahane, for her part, has shut her lips when it comes to discussing the plot. Even then, after seeing Kajol dressed up as a classical dancer in the teaser, we can’t help but ask if the actor’s dancing skills will be used. “Tribhanga is an Odissi dance posture that looks beautiful despite its asymmetry. It has been used as a metaphor to represent the women, and their idiosyncrasies and idiosyncrasies, which make them all fascinating, beautiful and vibrant. I believe women make that unconventional. life choices and a wide range of personalities must be represented. “

It was a chance meeting with someone who “had a very bitter relationship with her mother,” who encouraged Shahane to investigate the idea. She was keen to show the dynamics of a dysfunctional family where a mother-daughter relationship is quite fragile, and she knew adding a third dimension to the story would further enhance the story. “That’s why we based the story on three generations. I’m glad I had a talented team of actors to bring this to life,” says the director.

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