Salman Khan belongs to the big screen

You could take away the industry’s best offering, but steal Bhai from the big screen and exhibitors are sure to respond. Salman Khan had played for the gallery for years and in turn allowed distributors to bring in the moolah. So news about the actor selling the rights of his upcoming magnum opus Radhe to an OTT platform didn’t sit well with the latter. In an effort to give the film business a promising chance of recovery, exhibitors quickly appealed to the actor to recant his decision.

Seventeen exhibitor associations have appealed to Khan to avoid pursuing a hybrid Zeeplex release, even though the decision to release the film on the big screen has yet to be made. Exhibitor Vishek Chauhan says: “We are not against the simultaneous screening of the film, but if someone has the opportunity to watch it at home, why would they go to the theater?”

Khan’s is one of the big budget films that the 7,000 single screen owners in India have counted on to recover from a 2020 mat. ”The film will be released in May. Combined with the continued urge to vaccinate, it seems. Selling the film at this stage is not a wise move. “

Trade analyst Akshaye Rathi says the move must have been a blow to single screen owners. “Multiplexes can make money, but for some screens, a Salman Khan movie could be the boost they need. Seeing the cinema release as a sign and getting the movie out more widely online will have a negative impact on business.” mid-day he contacted producer Atul Agnihotri, who remained unavailable.

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