Shabana Azmi on female infanticide: I am shocked by the lack of attention to the issue

Based in a Punjab village, Shabana Azmi’s Friday release Kaali Khuhi (black source) manages to rise above the list of promising content on web platforms and sheds light on the practice of female infanticide. Her production is a kind of plea for the young generation to banish the malpractices that have paralyzed society. “This practice, and the fact that it is not getting the kind of attention it should eliminate, continues to shock me,” Azmi says, adding that the discussion of women’s empowerment becomes insignificant if India cannot protect the girl. -child.

“Female infanticide also occurs in metropolitan cities. Why is it mandatory for hospitals to ban sex?” [determination]? Because the practice exists, right? Unless the patriarchal mindset changes, this will continue to happen. “

As crucial as it is to consistently spread awareness about the problem, Azmi says changing the way children are raised will play the most important role in bringing about change. “Raise girls and boys as equals. Train sons to respect daughters. Stop objectifying women in advertisements, movies, and literature. Four stories about women who can become role models,” said the actor, who plays Satya masi, a woman who tries to avoid the practice in the offer.

“She bears the blame for carrying a dark secret. I made her voice, gait and being heavy. I knew a uni-brow would make my face look different, and it would impress viewers. “I haven’t seen herself in the mirror for years. It was also physically challenging to shoot scenes like wrestling in the mud in the sweltering heat and milking a cow.”

She traces her most challenging shot to the first she filmed, angrily reciting mantras to her character in an attempt to cut out external noise. “I would rather have done it after I did it [spent more time] with the character, but in a way it also threw me right into her world. Then I followed her steps back. It’s not the ideal way to inhabit the world of a character so far from yours, but my director Terrie Samudra told me it worked! “

The film also features Satyadeep Misra, Leela Samson, Sanjeeda Sheikh and Riva Arora, 10 as Shivangi, who prevents an incident of female infanticide from taking place.

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