Sonakshi Sinha on cyberbullying: they need to know there will be consequences

Four months ago, Sonakshi Sinha woke up every morning with hateful messages on social media. While the actor left Twitter shortly after, the episode took stock of the greater threat of cyberbullying, which led to the emergence of Ab Bas in July. With the campaign backed by Mumbai Police, Mission Josh and cyber expert Ritesh Bhatia, Sinha wants to encourage netizens to take strict measures against online bullying.

“During the lockdown, we saw a clear increase in the number of online harassment cases. People were inactive and frustrated, which manifested itself in the form of online hatred. Harassment starts with abuse, graduates to stalking and then there are threats. With Ab Bas. “The idea was to familiarize people with the legal options they have when exposed to cyberbullying. Awareness is needed because schoolchildren and young people fall prey to it,” she stresses. As part of the initiative, representatives help plaintiffs collect evidence of social media abuse and file complaints with relevant authorities.

In August, the Mumbai cybercrime cell arrested a man in Aurangabad for harassing Sinha online. While she is relieved that steps are being taken to contain the threat, she is seeking actionable measures that will mitigate the issue. “The cybercrime cell in Mumbai has started tracking and catching the IP addresses of the harassers. People can hide behind fake accounts, but their IP addresses can be traced. I want online abusers to know that there are consequences We’ve simplified the process. To take action. To credit that people are filing complaints. “Her next step is to take the campaign to a national level. “We are in talks with several authorities to ensure it is implemented across the country.”

While she’s working to make social media the “safe and happy space” she originally envisioned, the actor has no plans to return to Twitter. “I deactivated my account and with that a lot of the negativity has disappeared from my life. Peace of mind is most important to me. I don’t want to go back on Twitter.”

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