Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Diljit Dosanjh and Kiara Advani starrer GOOD NEWWZ’s smart writing, superb humor and heartfelt emotions are the three pillars of this well-made film.

Until 2012, the term ‘sperm’ was considered taboo in Hindi films. Then came Vicky Donor – the story of a sperm donor – and this made the term very common and acceptable. Seven years later – after this path-breaking film – yet another Hindi film actually takes to tell the Hate Story – Good NewWZ.

GOOD NEWWZ has generated tremendous enthusiasm mainly for its subject in addition to its eye catching star cast. Trailers also did the trick. The question is, does the film deliver in totality?

Plot line * without * spoiler reveal … GOOD NEWWZ is a mindless story of epic proportions. Varun Batra [Akshay Kumar] Works in an automobile showroom in Mumbai. He is married to Deepti aka Deepu [Kareena Kapoor Khan]A journalist for seven years. They are eager to start a family, but are not able to do so.

On the insistence of Varun’s sister [Anjana Sukhani], Both a distinguished physician, Dr. Joshi decides to visit the fertility clinic run by him. [Adil Hussain]. Dr. Joshi suggests that they opt for IVF. Varun and Dipu carried their point forward.

Honey Batra [Diljit Dosanjh] And monica [Kiara Advani]A couple from Chandigarh, Drs. See also Joshi. Their last names create confusion and later, a big goofy.

GOOD NEWWZ has an interesting plot, but most importantly it boasts a smart and engaging screenplay. The author seamlessly blends drama, emotion, romance and humor into the story, which makes for a happy ride from this beginning to the conclusion.

Writers come to the issue at the very beginning of the film, while the screenplay integrates the gaffe-up well. There is hardly any dull moment, clearly. Sure, the film could have been done without a song or two, but these are minor glitches in an otherwise watertight script. While the play keeps you hooked, the dialogue only enhances the effect of multiple scenes.

Good news Public review | Akshay Kumar | Kareena Kapoor Khan | Diljit Dosanjh | Kiara Advani | First day first show

Raj Mehta [GOOD NEWWZ marks his directorial debut] The situation is in total command. This is a difficult subject to handle when you first timer, but he is entitled to brownie points to do full justice to the written material.

The director handles the second hour most admirably. Many of the scenes are handled maturely, especially when Akshay breaks up while bonding over Kareena and Kiara Pani Puri or the sequence in the hospital.

GOOD NEWWZ is embellished with an honest and remarkable performance. Akshay Kumar is in superb form. His emotional parts in particular are notable. It is a pleasure to see Kareena Kapoor Khan after a happy ending. He is excellent. Also, she looks stunning. Diljit Dosanjh arrives late in the film, but once he does, he takes the film to another level. He is on the top rung. Kiara Advani doesn’t have to do much in the first half, but after the interval, she makes sure she scores in several scenes.

Adil Hussain has his moments. Tisca Chopra is amazing. The actor who plays Anjana Sukhani and her husband is trustworthy.

The soundtrack is in sync with the film. At least two songs stand out – ‘Sauda Khara Khara’ and ‘Chandigarh’. DoP captures mood as well as emotions well.

Overall, GOOD NEWWZ is a definite fire hit. Smart writing, superb humor and heartfelt emotions are the three pillars of this well-made film. The fourth pillar is the performance of its leading actors. At the boxoffice, 2019 is sure to end with a big winner, which will bring joy and joy to this festive season. GOOD NEWWZ will live up to its title and bring good news to its investors.

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