Baaghi 3 has a great combination of Tiger Shroff’s powerful performance, superb action and stunning visuals.

Tiger Shroff has been in the industry for only six years but has already been forced to win because of his style and risky action stunts and cool style. His fans especially love him in the BAAGHI franchise. The first part released in 2016 was a smash success from day 1. BAAGHI 2 [2018] Was a huge success, a grand opening [Rs. 25.10 crore] And lifetime total [Rs. 164.38 crore]. Therefore, expectations are tremendous from BAAGHI 3 where action and scale have gone up several notches. Interestingly, this time, Tiger’s character Ronnie is ready for a whole country fight! So does BAAGHI 3 manage to give entertainment and audiences a gala time? Or does it fail to impress? Let us analyze.

BAAGHI 3 is the story of a man against a terrorist organization. Ronnie (Tiger Shroff) is the younger brother of Vikram (Ritesh Deshmukh). His father was a policeman, Charan Chaturvedi (Jackie Shroff), who both died when he was young. Charan knew that Ronnie was one of the two and so he promised Ronnie that he would take care of Vikram. When they grow up, Vikram joins the police force at Lohamondi police station in Agra. On the first day of joining, a goon named Bajwa set a person on fire inside the Lohmandi police station complex. Bajwa’s senior IPL (Jaideep Ahlawat) comes to the rescue and the police make no allegations. This is because the IPL is in awe of the locals as well as the police. The main business of the IPL is to kidnap entire families, but it does not ask for a ransom. It has always dodged the police. Police are not aware that the IPL works for Abu Jalal Gaza, the leader of Jaish-e-Lashkar, the world’s largest terrorist organization. They operate out of Syria and live in almost the entire country. In Agra, a complaint of kidnapping is received at Lohmandi Police Station. Knowing that it is committed by the IPL, they are afraid to take action. Therefore, they decide to make Vikram a scapegoat. Vikram panics and asks Ronny for help. Ronnie accompanies Vikram to the IPL factory, where the kidnapped people are kept. Ronnie distracts IPL goons by turning off the lights. Everyone believes that Vikram is responsible for killing them and rescuing the hostages. He becomes a hero overnight. Meanwhile, Vikram marries Ruchi (Ankita Lokhande). His sister is Siya (Shraddha Kapoor) and she starts dating Ronnie. Until the Ministry of External Affairs sends Vikram to Syria, life is going well. He has given the responsibility to make the process of arrest and extradition of IPL easy. It seems easy enough. Vikram reaches there and this is when he kidnaps Abu’s men. With no other option, Ronnie now decides to go to Syria to save Ronnie. What happens next makes the rest of the film.

BAAGHI 3 is partly inspired by the 2012 Tamil hit film, VETTAI. The story adaptation of Sajid Nadiadwala is entertaining but based on a weak plot. Farhad Samaji’s screenplay (Adarsh ​​Khetarpal’s additional screenplay, Tasha Bhambra, Madhur Sharma) is effective only in the first half. There is also little newness in terms of action and situations and it maintains interest. The dialogues of Farhad Samji are very entertaining and funny.

Ahmed Khan’s direction is average. He handles scale and grandeur with sharpening. BAAGHI 2 focused more on nationalism but it is not so here. Instead a good comment has been made on the India-Pakistan brotherhood. Khan remains in control to ensure that the film never sinks. His direction is passable in the first half but slips in the second half. The biggest problem is that it does not appear that Ronnie is against any country. Furthermore, it was not really a country that he is against. It is at best a township that the producers want the audience to believe is a ‘country’.

BAAGHI 3 starts on a slightly odd note. To show a child Ronnie violently kills older children, which is not in any way. However, the scene of Chaturvedi’s death makes for a good emotional moment. Sia’s entry is hilarious while adult Ronnie is very good and will be humming by fans. The scenes in Abu Jalal Gaza seem superficial but thankfully the focus in the first half is on the madness happening in Agra. And it makes for an entertaining watch especially how Ronnie is cursing while Vikram is taking credit. Humor quotient is also well maintained. The scene where the men of IPL kidnap Ronnie and later pretend to be scared is hilarious. And then there is also an emotionally fulfilling scene involving Vikram and Tripathi (Virender Saxena). Timeout occurs when Vikram is taken away. One hopes that the film will go up several notches, especially with Ronnie arriving in Syria. The introduction of Akhtar Lahori (Vijay Varma) also connects to the film. But from here on, things become quite unrelated, especially the way Ronnie easily defeats Abu Jalal’s entire army. Zaidi seems tough but also ends up being so easily and foolishly. The climax has a twist that the audience may like.

Baaghi 3 | Public review | Tiger shroff | Shraddha Kapoor | First day first show

Talking about the performance, Baaghi 3 rests on the hard shoulders of Tiger Shroff and he pulls it as expected. The same goes for his comic timing. And of course, his action is out of the world and in this regard, his fans will definitely get his money’s worth. Shraddha Kapoor looks gorgeous and gives a good performance. She gets a little ahead in a scene or two, but overall, she is convinced as a blunt person. However, its screen time is very limited. In addition, she plays an aggressive character and ideally, she should be given the opportunity to engage in action. Ritesh Deshmukh plays his role well and also connects with fun and madness. He will be loved in the climax. Interestingly, he played a similar role in his Marathi production MAULI [2018] Also a partial remake of VETTAI. Ankita Lokhande gets limited scope, but has a good screen presence. Vijay Verma is highly entertaining. Jaideep Ahlawat suits the part and played an important role in the pre-climax. Jamil Khure is fine as a villain, but could have had more menacing. Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj (Mishra) is devastated. Virender Saxena is as reliable as ever. Satish Kaushik (Commissioner Chatora) and Farhad Samji (the man in the toilet) laugh. Manav Gohil (Asif), Sriswar (Hafiza), Danish Bhat (Bilal), Ivan Kostadinov (Abu’s henchmen), Sunit Morjee (Sharad Kute), Amit Sharma (Bajwa) and Karan Singh (Zaidi) are impartial. Jackie Shroff’s cameo contributes well to the film. Disha Patani is sizzling.

The music of BAAGHI 3 is decent. ‘Dus Bahane 2.0’ Is a great remix and is played in the end credits. ‘Bhankas’ Is well illustrated. ‘Do you love me’ Passable; The situation demanded a fast-paced dance song. ‘Get ready to fight – Reloaded’ Played during action sequences. ‘Tere Jaisa Yaar Kahaan’ Does not work Julius Paquim’s background score however increases the effect.

Santhana Krishnan Ravichandran’s cinematography is amazing not only for capturing Syria, but also the action scene. The action design of Ahmed Khan and the action choreography of Ram Chela, Laxman Chela, Kecha Khampakdi is superb and keeps the audience hooked. The action gets bit, but a border is maintained and the visually stunning looks. The production design of Manini Mishra is the topnote. One can see that a lot of money has been spent in making sure that the film looks like a top class product. Aki Narula, Karishma Gulati and Ashish Sharma’s costumes (styled by Tanya Ghavri) are attractive. The VFX of Redefine, NY VFXWaala, Resonance Digital and Red Chillies.VFX are more or less fine. Rameshwar S Bhagat’s editing is a bit slow, but in some places it is unnecessarily jarring.

Overall, BAAGHI 3 has a great combination of Tiger Shroff’s powerful performance, superb action and stunning visuals. At the box office, it will certainly appeal to its target audience – fans of Tiger Shroff, and audiences in small towns and cities who enjoy action entertainment.

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