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Vidyut Jamwal, after his death stunts and his films, has done a great job for himself which is mostly of the action genre. He is popularly known as a ‘Commando’ actor as he was a part of both Comando films. And now he is back with COMMANDO 3, which promises a lot of action, entertainment and patriotism like its predecessor. So does COMMANDO manage to deliver 3 viewers a paisa-vasool Time? Or does it fail to impress? Let us analyze.

COMMANDO 3 is the story of a secret agent in a race against time to save his country. In Mumbai, two young children – Osman and Umar – are arrested following a tip-off with their mentor, Subhan. It is revealed that Omar and Omar’s real names were Rakesh and Amit respectively and they converted to Islam after watching a provocative video of Barak Ansari (Gulshan Devaiah). Burka is without a record and even his face is included in his video. Therefore, Indian intelligence is unaware of its identity and name. Realizing that he is planning a major terrorist attack in India and the time of the festival is approaching, Senior Intelligence Officer Roy (Rajesh Tailang) confronts the case with his most reliable and brave officer, Karanvir Singh Dogra (Vidyut Jamwal) Asks to handle. Karanvir finds that the videos and currency notes found in Osman, Omar and Subhan’s houses were sourced from London. Meanwhile Roy finds out that Subhan has repeatedly talked about the 9/11 attack and this means that the attack in India will take place on 9 November or 9/11 in other words and coincidentally, it is Diwali. With only 33 days to leave for Diwali, Karanvir is immediately sent to London to track down Burak. He is helped in this mission by Bhavna Reddy (Adah Sharma), who is no longer corrupt, but still in love with Karanvir. In London, he is provided with local assistance by two British intelligence agents, Mallika Sood (Angira Dhar) and Armaan Akhtar (Sumit Thakur). After carefully going through a lot of suspects, Chauka finally manages to find out the identity of Burak and also that he runs a restaurant. Not only this, he also comes to know that he is divorced from his wife Zahira (Ferna Vazhir) and she is in love with his son Abir (Atharva Vishwakarma). So Karanvir goes after his son and takes him into his custody, along with Zahira, who is aware of Buraq’s activities and therefore agrees to become a witness. Burak is so enraged by these turn of events that he decides to pursue the date of the attack to illegally capture the Indians. What happens next makes the rest of the film.

The story of Darius Yarmil and Junaid Vasi is cliche and simple. But the screenplay of Darius Yarmil and Junaid Vasi is one where they bring some novelty in terms of characterization, twists and turns etc. that maintains interest. However, it should have been consistently entertaining from beginning to end for better effect. The dialogues of Darius Yarmil and Junaid Vasi are poor. This type of film should have a one-liner which ideally should be a punch pack. Sadly, the dialogues here are strictly correct and are quite poor even at places.

Aditya Dutt’s direction is clean and he handles it in such a way that the public will be able to enjoy it and more importantly understand what is going on. Some scenes are cleverly controlled. The order in which Karanvir and his colleagues are tracking Burak, while in parallel order, Burak is hunting Karanvir, is very well done. There is hardly a romantic track and it is good because no time is wasted without focusing on the story. On Flipside, the opening parts are not interesting and even in the second half the film takes time to pick. Many developments are also unrelated and difficult to digest. Some questions remained unanswered till the very end. No story of Buraq is given and the audience never gets to know how he became such a dreaded terrorist, that too escaping the radar of the intelligence system. It is also unclear what exactly Burke said in his video that the youth had brainwashed to the extent that some Hindus turned to Islam. Some snippets of it are shown, but it hardly becomes a reassuring watch.

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COMMANDO 3 does not start on a great note. The beginning portions seem a little slow and not confusing. The entry of Vidyut Jamwal brought much needed action in the film. The interrogation scene is good though, again slowing the film down. It is only when the play turns to London that the film becomes really interesting. The way Burak is tracked by Karanvir and his colleagues is interesting. A scene is meant to be seen when Bourque suddenly becomes a jerk after watching a video of Karanvir on a news channel! The intermission point, though filmed and beaten to death, attracts attention. Later parts of the interval occur when the film slides again. The interest level falls and an important sequence is inspired by the classic Hollywood film The Durk Knight [2008]. Thankfully, the last 30 minutes are quite entertaining and massive. It is also very convenient, but the target audience – the single screen audience – will surely adopt it as the producers give a great message here on Hindu-Muslim unity.

COMMANDO 3 is of electrical jamwal – no doubt about it! His acting is nothing great, but he manages to carry the film on his shoulders. And he takes a substantial amount of action and this is what the audience would expect most from him. Her performance in the finale will be welcomed by whistling and clapping! Adah Sharma reprises her performance from COMMANDO 2 and loves it. His comic portion is shorter this time than the other part but fans of Bhavana Reddy will not be disappointed. Angira Dhar is great as a no-nonsense cop and underlines her part. The two heroines get to do their part action and it feels authentic. Gulshan Devaiah is dangerous and scary as a villain. Look how his eyes convey so much! Special mention should also go to his British accent – it’s done well enough! Anil George (Momin) is devastated and sees her doing similar roles over and over again. His character suddenly disappears which is quite strange. Rajesh Tailang is reliable. Sumit Thakur has a good screen presence. Fryna Vazhir gets to play a cute character and she does justice. Atharva Vishwakarma makes his presence felt with his expressions and he ensures that he does not go overboard. Virendra Saxena (Subhan’s father) and actors playing the roles of Subhan, Umar / Amit, Osman / Rakesh, Inspector Tambe and Zaytun are fine.

There is no scope for music. ‘Tera Baap Aaya’ The film has a well-acted background. ‘Main Woh Raat Hoon’ Also plays in the background, but does not register. ‘Akhiyaan Milavanga’ And ‘Iraade Kar Buland’ Missing from film. Saurabh Bhalerao’s background score is simple and exhilarating.

Mark Hamilton’s cinematography is captivating, especially in action sequences. The action of Andy Long Stunt Team Limited, Alan Amin and K Ravi Verma is quite hardcore and violent. But the stunts performed by the actors make for a good watch. Juhi Talmaki’s production design is clean. Sandeep Kurup’s editing could be annoying in some scenes.

Overall, COMMANDO 3 is a decent action entertainer that works due to the action sequences, social messages, and some money-saving scenes. It reaches any competition and is, therefore, likely to operate in mass centers.

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