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Back in 2013, Disney began the Frozen saga that told the story of two sisters Elsa and Anna. While Elsa had the power to control the ice, Anna was given a baseless spirit. Since then, the two sisters have become a superhero of a different kind to children around the world. Now a few years later, Disney is releasing a second part in the franchise with Frozen 2 hitting screens. But will the new film survive to its predecessor, will the story of the new film introduce something new, or will many other sequels such as Frozen 2 fall short, that’s what we analyze.

FROZEN 2 begins with Elsa and Ana living in Arndale all their lives, the city has grown and prospered over time. Sadly, the talk was not yet in the form of a buzzing sound to Elsa. Being the only person able to hear the call, Elsa sets out on a journey to find the source of the callings for help by her sister Ana and her friends Christoph, Olaf and Sven. The five leave Arendelle to travel to the ancient, deciduous jungle of a modern land. They set out to find the origin of Elsa’s powers to save her kingdom. Will they manage to find the source of the voice Elsa hears, will Elsa’s powers be enough to save her and the city, or will they be overpowered by the finder in Enchanted Forest to see what the film is about.

In the six years it took Disney to develop Frozen 2, the production house has not only put extra effort into developing a compelling story, but has enabled it with captivating visuals. With its best computer animation, the film is an effortless visual treat that children are sure to love. The sequel to the film is played for this audience, seeing an immense fan following among children developed by FROZEN. However, unlike the previous film, FROZEN 2 has a slightly darker and more complex storyline, which the youngsters probably won’t understand a lot. However, despite this, there is more than enough to keep Totes happy.

Talk of music, which plays an integral part in the film, like the first film, Frozen 2 definitely has that when it comes to captivating lyrics and catchy melodies. Track though ‘Into the unknown’ What was supposed to be ‘let it go’ For the first film, it is a bit less. On the other hand, Christophe’s rendering ‘lost in the woods’ There is a track that is sure to strike a raga with a wide section of the audience. Another, tune that is sure to stick is haunting, yet exhilarating vocals that call Elsa from deep. Conquering both mystery and intrigue through sound, the tune will surely be an earbud that rests on it. Coming into animation, FROZEN 2 demonstrates that Disney is the best at what they do. Seamless animatronics that follow the laws of physics, well finished textures and realistic movements go a long way in transforming CGI into something realistic.

By coming to a voice performance, each of the performers has increased the call with Pitch Perfect Notes. Kristen Bell as Ana, Idina Menzel as Elsa, Jonathan Groff as Kristoff and Josh Gad as Ola have performed brilliantly. Unlike the previous film, Frozen 2 sees that Olaf’s character has changed from comedy and we say this helps the film connect with the audience. A special mention needs to be made to the directors Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee, who did a wonderful job in explaining whether this could be a complex and confusing story.

Overall, Frozen 2 is definitely worth watching. Although the film may be slightly less than the previous one, it is beautiful, exhilarating and captivating in itself. At the box office, FROZEN 2 which caters mainly to children, may face a minor task with competition from the Bollywood release Pagalanati. Although the fan has evolved since the series, expectations are that FROZEN 2 will emerge as a winner.

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