GINNY WEDS SUNNY rests on a routine plot, but it is nonetheless worth watching thanks to its well-written screenplay and the electrical chemistry of Vikrant Massey and Yami Gautam.

Many filmmakers may not be familiar with Vinod Bachchan. But he has a big contribution in Bollywood as he was the creator of the much loved, TANU WEDS MANU [2011]. He is now back with a similar-sounding title, GINNY WEDS SUNNY. TANU WEDS MANU worked extensively due to the chemistry between lead, top writing and chartbuster music. Does GINNY WEDS manage to reach the level of SUNNY TANU WEDS MANU? Or does it fail to entice viewers? Let us analyze.

GINNY WEDS SUNNY is the story of a couple amidst loads of confusion and madness. Satnam Sethi alias Sunny (Vikrant Massey) lives in Delhi with her father Pappi (Rajeev Gupta), mother Rita (Maneka Kurup) and sister Nimmi (Majal Vyas). Sunny works with her father in her family’s hardware store. By the way, Sunny loves to cook and she wants to start a restaurant called ‘Tilak Nagar Tandoori Nights’. Pappi makes it clear that he will agree to fulfill Sunny’s dreams only after getting married. Sunny is interested in a girl named Sanya (Venus Singh), but she returns when she realizes that she wants to marry him to fulfill her restaurant dream. In the same neighborhood lives Shobha Juneja (Ayesha Raza), who is a matchmaker. Sadly, she is unable to find a match for her own daughter Simran aka Ginni (Yami Gautam). Ginni is against the Orange Marriage and wants to fall in love before the bottleneck comes. Ever since he was in school, Sunny had a crush on Ginni. When Pappi asks Shobha to find a match for Sunny, she decides to hook him up with Ginni. Sunny is ready, obviously. Shobha then explains how to win her heart. Sunny is leaving but one day it is revealed that Nishani is still friends with Nishant Rathe (Suhail Nayyar). Both had a breakup 1 ½ years ago, but are still very close and confused about their status. Sunny gets frustrated but Shobha tells her to keep trying. Ginny slowly clings to Sunny and invites him to join her and her friends for a trip to Mussoorie. This journey brings Ginni and Sunny even closer. A moment comes where they are about to get intimate, as well as Ginni almost agrees to marry Sunny. It is a matter of regret that when Nishant landed. He proposes marriage to Ginni. In shock, Ginni fails to utter a word and wears the ring that Nishant offers her. Sunny gets shocked for his life. What happens next makes the rest of the film.

The story routine of Navjot Gulati and Sumit Arora is. But the screenplay of Navjot Gulati and Sumit Arora is very entertaining. The authors have tried their best to add some novel moments during the narrative to keep them interested. This is not an easy task, especially when the original plot has been killed. Therefore, the author certainly deserves kudos for managing to do a lot with the characters and plot points, so that the audience doesn’t feel like being there. That being said, some sequences are still approximate. The gurdwara episode, though ongoing, is something that will keep viewers guessing miles away. The same thing is about some of the climax developments. Navjot Gulati and Sumit Arora’s dialogues are hilarious, clean and very funny and add to the entertainment quotient.

Puneet Khanna’s direction is simple and simple. The first-time director has seen a lot of scenes. The film’s pace is neither too fast nor too slow and the way Ginny and Sunny fall for each other feels very organic. Like the authors, even he tries to incorporate the novel that touches the narrative. One of the most interesting bits in this regard is also how the third wheel character of Nishant also gets the footage in a sad song in the second half! On Flipside, a 125-minute-long film could have been 5 or 10 minutes shorter, especially in the second half. Some cinematic freedoms are hard to digest. For example, it is surprising that even a smart girl like Ginni did not realize for a moment that Sunny did not accidentally leave her everywhere and it was all planned. Secondly, the way Sunny took her out for a full day, a day before her marriage to Neha Gulati (Isha V Talwar), was strange, especially since we didn’t see anyone from Neha telling her whereabouts Ask.

Movie Review: Ginni Weds Sunny

GINNY WEDS SUNNY starts on a very fine note and immediately introduces the characters to all their flaws, qualities and challenges. Ginny’s entrance scene is particularly fun. The interesting thing is that not only the lead, but the supporting characters also contribute to the entertainment quotient of the film. This is particularly the case with Pappi and Shobha and the dynamic they shared. The scenes of Shobha becoming ‘Love Guru’ for Sunny are a great watch. The Mussoorie episode is melodious. The scene in which Nishant proposes to Ginni is dramatic, and will probably be the film’s interval point that he released in theaters. After the post-interval, the film shrinks slightly and the humor also decreases. However, some scenes stand out like a drama at Ginni’s house, where all her love interests and the Gurudwara episode also unfold. The finale has a few nail-biting moments and increases in fun.

Vikrant Massey gives a great performance. The actor has been a part of most niche films or has gone back to supporting parts in mainstream films. This is his first commercial film as the main protagonist and he does a great job. His comic timing and his attempt not to go overboard are highly commendable. Yami Gautam, after Bala [2019], Gives another memorable performance. Here, her character is not over-the-top and she acts accordingly. She is running in some scenes, especially pre-climax and climax. Also, special mention should be made of Vikrant and Yami’s chemistry. It is electrifying! Ayesha Raza is in great form and she has a very important part in the film. Rajeev Gupta, who has done a lot in VIRGIN BHANUPRIYA recently [2020]Is on the second level. His dialogues contribute to humor. Maneka Kurup does not have much scope. Majal Vyasa leaves a mark though. Suhail Nayyar is decent and T. Venus gives his share to Singh. Isha V Talwar is fair. Gurpreet Saini (Sumit) is funny. Other artists who do well are Sanchita Puri (Prerna), VP Kalra (Piles Uncle in Metro), Munish Dev Mohan (Neha’s father) and Deepak Chadha (Neha’s uncle).

The music is decent. ‘Sawan Mei Lag Gayi Aag’ Works big time and surprisingly, it looks like a promotional track but is actually a part of the film’s narrative. ‘laugh loudly’ While there is foot-tapping ‘Rubaru’ And ‘Phir Chala’ Well used in the background. ‘Phoonk Phoonk Ke’ Used well in the film’s pre-climax and finale. Prasad S’s background score is in line with the film’s plot.

Nathine Nagaraj’s cinematography is clean and captures the Delhi, Noida and Metro networks well. Ashwini Srivastava has an eye on production design, especially of Ginni and Sunny’s houses. Mandira Shukla’s costumes are fine but Amandeep Kaur’s costumes for Yami Gautam are very glamorous and attractive. U & V Media’s VFX is average and could have been better in the Hot Air Balloon sequence. Sandeep Sethi’s edit is fine.

Overall, GINNY WEDS SUNNY rests on a regular plot, but it is nonetheless worth watching thanks to its well-written screenplay and the electrical chemistry of Vikrant Massey and Yami Gautam. Furthermore, it is a clean entertainment, devoid of any vulgarity and abuses, and is therefore an ideal family entertainment.

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