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Note: As a mark of respect to the late lead actor Sushant Singh Rajput, Bollywood Hungama has decided not to allocate any star ratings for the review of this film

The untimely demise of Sushant Singh Rajput has left a void in the lives of millions across the country. And about 40 days after his death, his last film DIL BECHARA was released today on Disney + Hotstar. In a ravishing manner, the streaming giant has made the film available to all for free. So is Sushant’s swan song to garner the hearts of the audience? Let us analyze.

DIL BECHARA is a terminally ill youth love story. Kizi Basu (Sanjana Sanghi) has shifted from Zambia to Jamshedpur with her parents (Saswata Chatterjee and Swastika Mukherjee). His life was turned upside down as thyroid cancer was diagnosed. For this he would have to wear a pipe around his nose and carry a 24×7 oxygen cylinder. One day, at her college, she meets Manny (Sushant Singh Rajput). He finds her loud and arrogant. But later, she learns that even she is suffering from a cancer (osteosarcoma), which caused one of her legs to be amputated. Nevertheless, he lives life to the fullest and is even more fond of Kizi Manny than this. As they start spending time with each other, she confesses that she loves him ‘Main Tumhara’ Album of a composer named Abhimanyu Veer (Saif Ali Khan). Manny reluctantly listens to the song but soon becomes a fan. However, he finds the title track incomplete. Kizzy agrees and expresses that he wants to meet her once. Manny realizes how much it means to meet Abhimanyu Veer Kaizi. So, he finds Abhimanyu’s email address and organizes their meeting with him in Paris, where Abhimanyu lives. Kizzi’s parents agree with his plan to fly in this condition. However, they soon become convinced and Kizi’s mother also decides to join Kizi and Manny on their Paris trip. Manny also books a ticket but a few days before the trip, Kizhi worsens and has to be hospitalized. What happens next makes the rest of the film.

DIL BECHARA is the official remake of the 2014 Hollywood love saga The FAULT IN Our STARS. The adapted story of Suprotim Sengupta is simple, clear and simple. The adapted screenplay of Suprotim Sengupta is entertaining and the characters and their journey are well told. Shashank Khaitan’s customized dialogues are funny and interactive and also ‘Movies’ Touch for Manny’s scenes. And in Abhimanyu Veer’s scenes, the lines are acidic.

Mukesh Chhabra’s direction is decent, given that this is his first film. He is eligible for brownie points because he loves the audience alphabetically. However, the film falls in the second half, following the Paris episode. But this is a minor complaint and it reaches climax again, which tears you up and makes you grab the tissue box.

DIL BECHARA is just 1 hour 41 minutes long and does not waste time. From the first scene, the focus is on the characters and the cancer factor. The first 8–10 minutes are fine but the film gets better as Kizzy and Manny get introduced. Manny’s character is quite funny and it adds a lot to the entertainment quotient. The other two scenes that specifically work are Kizie and Manny going to the ‘serial killer-serial kisser’ spot and the scene where Manny meets Kizie’s family while watching National Geographic Channel. In the second half, scenes involving Manny and Kizzy’s father are heartbreaking. The Paris episode is unpredictable, but has lovable moments to share. The finale is heartbreaking though. In addition, the similarities can be drawn with reel life and Sushant realistically gets lost in the sequence where Kiji gives Manny a preview of the funeral speech and also in the final scene.

EMOTIONAL- Sanjana, lovely memories, harmful blind items, heart-beaten music and music on Sushant’s death

DIL BECHARA is associated with Sushant Singh Rajput not because of him anymore but also because he is on another level in the film. His character is very well written and he adds charm. He makes you laugh a lot in scenes where he is pretending to be goofy and sweet and he assures you that you can cry buckets of water in the finale. For many of his fans, it will be a difficult watch. Sanjana Sanghi is outstanding for her first role as a female head. She also maintains her strong position and omits confrontation scenes in several sequences, most notably in collision sequences and finale. Saswat Chatterjee is adorable. Swastika Mukherjee is very nice and suits this part. However, his change of heart towards Manny seems a bit unrelated. Sahil Vaid (JP) is as dependable as ever. Saif Ali Khan is quite cool in cameos. Subhalakshmi (Manni’s grandmother) is lovely and has a wish that she has more screen time, as it would be interesting to know Manni’s relationship with her. Sunit Tandon (Dr. Jha) is cultured. Michael Muthu (Manny’s father) and Raji Vijay Sarathi (Manny’s inspiration) have no scope. Durgesh Kumar (rickshaw driver) is fine.

AR Rahman’s music is keeping pace with the film and its many moods. The title song is very good and is shot in a single shot which makes it even more special. ‘Main Tumhara’ The film has an important song and is about to swing in one’s mind. ‘Stars count’ Beautifully made and shot. ‘Afreeda’ Played for just one minute, but has a fascinating feel. ‘Maskhari’, ‘Khulke Jeene Ka’ And ‘Mera Naam Kizie’ Are also good AR Rahman’s background score is better and enhances the effect.

The cinematography of Sethu is superb and astounds Jamshedpur and Paris. The production design of Amit Ray and Subrata Chakraborty is attractive. Watch out for the dump yard left by the lake – it gives a nice touch to the narrative! The costumes of Natasha Charak and Nikita Raheja Mohanty are worth a visit. Arif Sheikh’s editing is without any complaints.

Overall, DIL BECHARA has strong emotions and hype in the form of a trump card – a fact that goes completely in its favor. This will at least tear and hold the tissue box once you get it. For lovers of Hindi cinema and fans of Sushant Singh Rajput, say ‘yes’ to Dil Bechera.

Note: As a mark of respect to the late lead actor Sushant Singh Rajput, Bollywood Hungama has decided not to allocate any star ratings for the review of this film

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