Karthik Aryan, Ananya Pandey Starrer PATI PATNI AUR WOH is a fun filled entertainment which is also quite progressive in many ways.

A sub-genre of Bollywood results in cheating partners and comedy. fun [2004], no entry [2005], GARAM MASALA [2006] Adi are some successful films dealing with infidelity. But one of the first films that talked about this aspect with comedy was the 1978 flick Pati Petty and Ruhi. It was directed by BR Chopra and now his grandson Juno Chopra is all set to introduce its remake, also titled PATI PATNI AUR WOH, which has an exciting cast and great music. So does PATI PATNI AUR WOH manage to entertain and tickle the funny bone of the audience? Or disappoints? Let us analyze.

PATI PATNI AUR WOH is the story of the adventures of a cheating husband. Abhinav aka Chintu Tyagi (Karthik Aryan) topped his exam and got a comfortable job in the PWD department in his hometown Kanpur. His parents (KK Raina and Navani Parihar) force him to go for the Orange marriage. This is why he meets Vedika Tripathi (Bhumi Pednekar). Sparks fly and they both get married. They also shift to their home. Three years passed. Kills a bit of boredom for Chintu. Her parents taunt her for not having children. Vedika, meanwhile, wants to shift to Delhi for a better life and she leaves no chance to send Chintu off in her cocoon in Kanpur. Amidst all this, Chintu meets Tapasya Singh (Ananya Pandey) one day. She seeks help through a reference to set up a boutique in Kanpur. Chintu is given the opportunity to help select a good plot. Chintu gets furious and starts spending time with him. Taapsee learns about her marital status. Afraid that she might stop meeting him knowing that he has a wife, Chintu lies with austerity that he is in an unhappy marriage and that his wife is cheating on him. Tapasya feels bad for Chintu and gradually she also likes him. All is going well for Chintu until one day the ascetic finds out the truth. What happens next makes the rest of the film.

The original idea of ​​PATI PATNI AUR WOH is based on the original film. Jasmeet’s adaptation of René’s screenplay, however, is not a copy paste work. A lot of modifications are made keeping in mind the changing times and also because the audience has seen many such films. So the second half in particular provides a lot of surprises that have not been seen in any other films of this league. Mudassar Aziz’s screenplay has some roughness here and there, but overall it is much tighter, cleaner and more importantly, entertaining. Mudassar is one of Aziz’s dialogue highpoints. One liners are so witty and funny that they will definitely be greeted with whistles and claps.

Mudassar Aziz’s direction is excellent and he does full justice to the plot. He adds a lot of freshness to the film in so many cases. First of all, it is admirable how the name of the cities is mentioned so brilliantly in the beginning. Secondly, the way Karthik and Bhoomi’s characters address each other with their respective surnames is lovely. The fact that Vedika retains its earlier surname is indicative of the progressive nature of the script in the beginning and later, everyone gets to see its glory. Also, Chintu is naughty, but he is never rude. He never refers to Taapsee in an objectionable manner. However the director gets a little slippery in handling the climax twist. It is not unexpected but seems difficult to digest.

The opening scene of PATI PATNI AUR WOH is shot quite well and sets the mood perfectly. The flashback begins when the film sinks. The intention is good as the producers are trying to show how chintu’s life has become dull. Individually it works but as part of the film, it fails to captivate completely. Once Vedika enters the scene and how Chintu goes over her heels. The thing that adds to the fun is that the dialogues are hilarious. There are many other characters in the film as well and they also contribute to the madness. This is especially in the second half when Vedika comes to know the truth and she goes out to show her anger. These developments ensure that the film is not too serious or sad. The makers promised a lot of entertainment and laughter and the film offers abundant amounts!

Kartik, Ananya & Bhumi’s MADDEST & CRAZIEST rapid fire ever | Pati Patni Aur Woh | Sara | Kiara | Hrithik

Karthik Aryan represented his part in a great way. He looks like a small town Simpton on the whole and it’s great to see how he inspires humor to action. His work as a broken man in the pre-climax is also something to behold. Bhumi Pednekar gets to play a brilliant character and she shines! She understands her part and brings the necessary features appropriately. Ananya Pandey’s stunning screen presence and performance is intelligent, she is first rate. She maintains a strong position of her own despite the presence of so many talented actors. Aparshakti Khurana (Faheem Rizvi) is the big surprise of the film and shakes the show. See it to believe it! Shubham Kumar (Rakesh Yadav) is another actor who has an important role and entertains the audience to the fullest. KK Raina, Navani Parihar, Rajesh Sharma (Vedika’s father) and Geeta Aggarwal (Vedika’s mother) are decent. However, Neeraj Sood (Brijesh Pandey) is very good. Manurishi Chaddha (Inspector Mukhtar Singh) leaves an impression. Sunny Singh (Doga) looks dashing and is very good in special appearance. Kriti Sanon (Neha Khanna) combines oomph with her presence in a scene.

The songs are fine and do not serve as interruptions. ‘Ankhiyon Se Goli Mare’ Played during the end credits. ‘Dheeme Dheeme’ While the leg is tapping ‘Dilbara’ Is shot well. John Stewart Aduri’s background score is nothing good. But using the song MAIN HOON NA as the main track is a great idea.

The cinematography of Chirantan Das reflects the locations of Kanpur and Lucknow quite well. The intro scene is awesome. The production design of Tariq Umar Khan is realistic. Niharika Bhasin’s costumes are as required. The one worn by Ananya is glamorous, while the land donated characters suit her character well. Ninad Khanolkar’s editing is clean.

Overall, PATI PATNI AUR WOH is a fun filled entertainment that is also quite progressive in many ways. At the box office, a strong rapport with the presence of Karthik Aryan will ensure a healthy business at the box office window. Recommended!

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