Karthik Aryan – Love AAJ Kal starring Sara Ali Khan is young and romantic at heart.

11 years ago, Imtiaz Ali dropped out of JAB V Met’s super-success [2007], His next, Love Aaj presented yesterday [2009]. It was a unique film for the time because it had not one, but two love stories, set in different eras. Apart from this, lead actor Saif Ali Khan played the role of lover boy in both tracks and also ensured that the film stands out. Director Imtiaz Ali now uses this idea once again in a film, also known as LOVE AAJ KAL. It stars Karthik Aryan and Sara Ali Khan and their chemistry has already become a topic of discussion. So does Love AAJ manage to be as excellent as its predecessor tomorrow? Or fails? Let us analyze.

Love AAJ Tomorrow is a story that deals with the changing dynamic of being in love and finding. Veer (Karthik Aryan) and Zoe (Sara Ali Khan) are based in Delhi and they meet one night at a nightclub. The two attempt to get intimate but Veer retreats at the last moment. Veer realizes that Zoe is special to him. She learns that she works from a co-working space. He landed there too. Zoe is irritated with him at first, but he is interested in her. Meanwhile, the co-working space owner Raj (Randeep Hooda) sees his love blossoming before his eyes. Zoe shares her thoughts with Raj that he wants to have a casual relationship and doesn’t want to get into a serious relationship so soon. Raj starts telling his own story on this. This is a time when he was Raghu (Karthik Aryan) and a school child in Udaipur. He is madly in love with Leena (Arushi Sharma). She too falls for him and one day, the two are caught. His family asks him to take him to Delhi. Raghu, madly in love, follows her to the capital city. He works as a waiter. Zoe is mesmerized upon hearing about Raj’s story. She decides to give love a chance. She gets a job offer from Dubai and deletes the mail because she does not want to get away from Veer. However, this is when Raj dropped the bomb. He reveals to Zoe that Raghu breaks up with Leena as he transforms into a playboy. It and his mother (Simone Singh) constantly remind him that he should not give up his career for love. What happens next makes the rest of the film.

The story of Imtiaz Ali is decent. The original plot makes an interesting comment and, if handled well, could make for a great romantic film. Imtiaz Ali’s screenplay however does not do full justice. Some scenes are very relieving because it speaks of the complexities of today’s time. But on the flipside, it is also quite unrelated. Dialogues are slightly philosophical and could have been simple yet meaningful.

Imtiaz Ali’s direction is not up to the mark. He gets some things right. The use of graffiti on the walls and similarities being drawn between the two stories affects. Some scenes are handled very well and bear their seal but there are times when one wonders where the film is going. Some scenes do not have the desired effect and are even unintentionally funny. He also leaves loose ends and some subplots do not get a logical conclusion. Imtiaz also does not focus on the backstory of his characters. Shah Rukh Khan’s character was also seen in some of this happens when Harry Met Sejal [2017]. In the case of LOVE AAJ KAL, Veer seems socially awkward and no one understands why this is so.

Love AAJ begins on a fine note tomorrow as characters from both eras become established. Yes, things seem somewhat different from the dialogues and the behavior of Veer and his body language. The 90s track, however, has charm and maintains interest. One of the best scenes here is when Raghu and Leena have a romantic moment in the train. The twist in Raghu’s story comes from the blue color. This works especially because so far, it looks like a clone of Rishi Kapoor’s track from the old LOVE AAJ KAL. As a result, viewers will not see it coming. The problem however starts at the interval point. The outbreak of Zoe is strange. After Interval, Veer comes to pick up Zoe, then the film picks up. Also, the culmination of Raghu’s story is poignant. However, Zoe’s action takes the film down. The last scene is fine.

Love Aaj Kal | Public Review | Kartik Aaryan | Sara Ali Khan | First day first show

Speaking of performance, both Karthik Aryan and Sara Ali Khan gave their best shots. Karthik gets to do something different and excel. In some scenes, he does well as a comic quotient. His intense look is for sale. Sara also follows her director’s instructions to T and in some scenes, you see her talent. However, her character is so weird that despite her best efforts, it turns out to be a caricature. Randeep Hooda is reliable. But some of his scenes are repeated after a point. Arushi Sharma is lovely and has a good screen presence. Simon Singh is impartial. Others do well.

Pritam Chakraborty’s music will not stand the test of time like previous LOVE AAJ KAL. ‘Haan Main Galat’ Charming, but played in the end credits. ‘Parmeswara‘Strange, but viewers won’t be able to connect. ‘Dhak Dhak’, ‘Aur Tanha’ And ‘Shayad’ Okay. Ishaan Chhabra’s background score is good with the film.

Amit Roy’s cinematography is quite spectacular in some scenes. But in some close shots, it is not up to the mark. Suman Roy Mahapatra’s production design is quite stylish, especially nowadays. Aki Narula’s costumes are quite attractive, especially in the current track worn by Sara and Karthik. There are complaints in the editing of Aarti Bajaj.

Overall, Love AAJ KL is tight and heartfelt romantic for youngsters. At the box office, it will debut on a positive note for the duration of its novel cast and celebration (Valentine’s Day). Business in urban multiplexes will be good, while business on single screens can be average.

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