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Residents of Gujarat are known for their entrepreneurial spirit and have made films like KAI PO CHE in recent times [2013], MITRON [2018] Etc. were partly based on this aspect. Now debutant director Mikhil Mussale took a step forward in his Diwali release, MADE IN CHINA, which incidentally features KAI PO CHE actor Rajkumar Rao as the hero along with many other talented names. So do the arrangements made in China give the audience a good time? Or does it fail in its attempt? Let us analyze.

MADE IN CHINA is the story of a man who kills all odds to become an expert businessman. Raghu Mehta (Rajkumar Rao) is based in Ahmedabad and is a failed businessman. He has tried his hand at a wide variety of businesses but the effort has been fruitless each time. He then accepted the advice of his deceased father and started running a clothes shop owned by his family. Even, he tries to experiment and stocks the Nepali mattress, but no one is willing to buy it. Raghu is married to Rukmini (Mouni Roy) who understands her and helps her out in a big way. But Raghu’s father-in-law Vithal (Manoj Joshi) and Devraj (Sumit Vyas) do not appreciate Raghu’s efforts. They advise him to sell his shop at a good price and help him set up his venture to go to China and provide herbal soft drinks to Devraj. Raghu reluctantly accepts the offer from China where, sadly, the deal with Tanmay Shah (Paresh Rawal) fails. However, Raghu befriends a local colleague there, Zui Li (Dani Wang). She introduces him to Ho Lee (Jeffrey Ho), who claims to have an effective aphrodisiac called Magic Soup that is also from the reproductive organs of the tiger. Ho Lee urges Raghu to sell it in India and make millions for both. Raghu returns to India, influenced by the idea, and he decides to do ground research. He meets many sex doctors, tantric babas etc. and realizes that most of them are only willing to financially exploit desperate people struggling with sexual problems. After Raghu, Dr. Tribhuvan comes to Wardhi (Boman Irani) who is honest and not a money person. Immediately, Raghu insisted that Drs. Vardhi should sell magic soup to his patients and in return he will get 50% share in the profit. Dr. Wardhi refused at first but after a lot of Kajoling, he accepted the offer. On the advice of Tanmay Shah, Raghu transforms Dr. Wardhi into an online sensation who in turn helps in the sale of Magic Soup. All is going well for one day, a high-profile Chinese citizen, General Zeng (Dawi Yu), consumes magic soup and passes away within minutes. Consequently, Raghu and Drs. Wardhi is caught by the police. Seeing the seriousness of the situation, the government sent two CBI agents, Gupta (Chittaranjan Tripathi) and Sharma (Abhishek Banerjee), to investigate. What happens next makes the rest of the film.

The story of Mikhail Musale, Karan Vyas and Parinda Joshi is juvenile and unrelated. There are too many characters yet and many of them have not been judged. The screenplay by Mikhail Musle, Karan Vyas and Parinda Joshi (with additional screenplay by Niren Bhatt) is a major culprit. Poor storylines could still have made for a much better film. But this does not happen because the film lacks drama, tension and even humor. The dialogues of Naren Bhatt and Karan Vyas could have been much better words and unique. For example, the way Drs. Wardhi’s speech is viral, he finds it difficult to digest because he has not said anything that has not been said before.

Mikhil Mussle’s instruction is weak. He knows the shot taking technique, but his approach to the story is flawed. There are too many jumps in the timeline. The entire China Trip episode was a terrific one as viewers never knew where Devraj disappeared and when and how Raghu returned to India. The film, moreover, begins as a murder mystery, but this bit is left unexplained until the very end. On the positive side, some scenes are like Raghu walking around with Jui Li, scenes from Tanmay Shah and Raghu and Dr. in the library. Views of Wardhi.

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MADE IN CHINA starts on a high note and the murder is shown at the very beginning. One hopes the story will be better as the film moves to flashback mode. But nothing of that sort happens. The first half is dry and story-wise, not much happens. The gap comes suddenly. In the second part, there is some movement in the story as Raghu finally reaches the top. But here too, the scattered and dispensed plot spoils things. The track by Aakash Chopra (Gajraj Rao) sounds awesome and not much has been added to it, especially his last scene. The finale is convenient and the film ends, leaving many questions unanswered.

Talking about the performances, Rajkumar Rao tries to give a good performance, but the end result is not as impressive. The scene where he actually stands is when he shows Rukmini’s picture to Jui Li in China. Mouni Roy is sizzling, but the best. Boman Irani is far better and he is indeed the best actor in the film. He does very well especially in the twin monologues in the second half. Gajraj Rao was devastated. Paresh Rawal entertained Manoj Joshi and Sumit Vyas did well. Dani Wang is sweet. Jeffrey Ho is tops but it works for his character. Failed to woo Chittaranjan Tripathi and Abhishek Banerjee. Sanjay Goradia (Natukaka) initially laughs. Dauji Yu is hardly. Amaira Dastur (Rupa) has no scope.

Sachin-Jigar’s music does not have a recall value. ‘Odhani’ The film is used for less than a minute and plays in the end credits. ‘Sanedo’ There is foot-tapping. ‘Valam’ Is shot well. ‘Naari Naari’ Is not in the film. Sachin-Jigar’s background score is far better and the sugar feel is lively.

Anuj Rakesh Dhawan’s cinematography is neat. Sheetal Sharma’s costumes are straight to life while Mouni Roy’s character suits her financial situation. Mayur Sharma’s production design is fine. Manan Ashwin Mehta’s editing should have been smooth and the film should have been short.

Overall, MADE in China lacks a good story and execution. At the box office, it will be a difficult time as it collides with a Biggie as HOUSEFULL 4.

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