Motichoor Chaknachoor Review 2.0 / 5: The Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is known for his intense roles and crime-ridden films. But it is a known fact that he has superb comic timing and if he is given the chance, he can excel in such roles. Having tried his hand at films like FREAKY ALI in the past [2016] Adi, the versatile actor will now be seen in a similar space with MOTICHOOR CHAKNACHOOR. So does MOTICHOOR CHAKNACHOOR manage to entertain and give viewers a good time? Or does it fail to deliver? Let us analyze.

MOTICHOOR CHAKNACHOOR is a love story of two neighbors. Anita aka Annie (Athiya Shetty) lives in Bhopal and her only purpose in life is to marry an NRI and settle abroad. However when he meets the prospective groom, he makes his demand clear and furthermore he does a big job. As a result, she gets rejected and in some cases, she dismisses when she realizes that the man is not going to foreign shores. Meanwhile, Pushpendra Tyagi (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) has returned from Dubai after just one hiatus. He lives in Annie’s house with his family. Pushpendra immediately falls for Annie but Annie shows no interest. Like Annie, even Pushpendra wants to get desperate. When an overweight girl agrees to marry him, she shakes her head, though she does not have feelings for him. Pushpendra is 36 years old and feels that he is ahead of the age where he can reject any girl. He therefore reluctantly accepts the offer. Meanwhile Annie leaves after being rejected and rejected. With no choice at hand, her aunt (Karuna Pandey) advises Annie to seduce Pushpendra. After all, even Pushpendra works in Dubai, an overseas location. This is why Annie tries to convince Pushpendra. She first tries to break her alliance with the overweight girl but her efforts prove futile. Thanks to Annie, Pushpendra’s mother (Vibha Chibber) closed that alliance when the bride’s family refused to pay the dowry. Annie then directly tells Pushpendra that she wants to marry him. Pushpendra is overjoyed but Annie is a bit reluctant as she cannot pay the kind of dowry that her mother is asking for. Pushpendra promises Annie that he will not ask for a penny and the two will get married on the same day! The family are clearly surprised, but they eventually trust him. Annie is very happy as soon as her dream of marrying NRI is fulfilled. However, Pushpendra has a secret that could prove disastrous for Annie. What happens next makes the rest of the film.

The story of Devamitra Biswal is very simple and nothing is great, but it has the potential for a good and entertaining script. The screenplay is not consistent though. There are scenes that are great, but they are very few and in-between. Also, the first half has more interesting scenes than the second half, due to which the post-interval portions are not that attractive. Bhupendra Singh’s dialogues are very funny and clever, and add laughter.

The instructions of Devamitra Biswal were promised for several reasons but mistakes were made. On the plus side, the setting looks straight out of life. The director neatly explained the way Annie and Pushpendra’s houses are next to each other. Some scenes are handled very well. On the flipside, interest rises and falls across. Also, the other half is difficult to digest. Viewers are forced to admit that it is Annie who was mistaken for Dubai Factor to marry Pushpendra. Even Pushpendra has hidden a fact about his employment that was not acceptable at all. But Pushpendra was not made a villain in this way. In an important scene, he also slaps Annie. If that’s not enough, Annie’s father refuses to take her back to his house. One hopes that towards the end, the two apologize to Annie for their behavior. The surprising thing is that this never happens and only Pushpendra is sorry, that too by writing a letter. Therefore, it becomes difficult to root for such a character.

CRAZY FUN – Nawazuddin Siddiqui & Athiya Shetty’s EPIC Quiz | Motichoor Chaknachoor

MOTICHOOR CHAKNACHOOR starts on a proper note. The setting and characters are well established. The situations seem comical but do not really make the audience laugh. But after the initial 30–35 minutes, the film turns into a riot. The scene where Pushpendra meets the overweight girl is well executed and written. Same goes for the scene where Pushpendra is buying vegetables and is confronted by Annie. The best part of the first half is when Pushpendra beats his brother Hakeem with his sandal. The timeout point comes out of the blue as a bolt. Post interval, interest and even comic quotient plunge. Circumstances become largely unrelated and even regressive. The climax is supposed to be fun but unimaginable.

Talking about the demonstrations, Nawazuddin Siddiqui seems somewhat different but then falls into the groove. As expected, his comic timing is bang and he is also excellent in emotional scenes. Athiya Shetty is a surprise for the film. From his accent to body language and to understanding his character he is spot on! Karuna Pandey has to play a good character and be entertained. Vibha Chibber is decent. Abhishek Rawat (Hakeem) is brilliant as Pushpendra’s brother. Navni Parihar (Annie’s mother), Bhumika Dubey (Hema), Devansh Kumar (Ika) and Usha Nagar Dadi are fine.

The music matches well with the film’s narrative. ‘Crazy Lagdi’ will be followed by ‘Kaise Banenge Sarkar’. ‘Choti Chori Gall’ and Ja Aaj Jaane Rena ‘are intimate but pull the narrative. Abhijeet Vaghani’s background score however is very spectacular and unique.

The cinematography of Suhas Gujarati is very good. The film has been shot in unconventional locations in Bhopal, which have not been seen in films before. The production design of Tariq Umar Khan is realistic. Shadab Malik’s costume is straight from life. The editing of Praveen Kathikuloth is nothing special.

Overall, MOTICHOOR CHAKNACHOOR boasts a very entertaining first half, but the second half spoils the play a lot. At the box office it will face tough times due to lack of discussion.

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