Saif Ali Khan and Alaya F. Despite the good performance of JAWAANI JAANEMAN there is a lack of weak direction and emotional engagement.

Saif Ali Khan plays excellent roles in all kinds of roles but his role of a quiet friend in light-hearted films has been a favorite for many filmmakers. He played such characters in many memorable films like HUM TUM. [2004], SALAAM NAMASTE [2005], Love aaj tomorrow [2009] And received immense praise. Now the actor returns to the spot after a hiatus with JAWAANI JAANEMAN. This is a special setback as it is his first production under his new banner Black Knight Films. So does JAWAANI emerge as a good piece of entertainment? Or does it fail to impress? Let us analyze.

JAWAANI JAANEMAN is the story of a 40-year-old playboy whose life suddenly turns upside down. Jassi aka Jazz (Saif Ali Khan) is in his 40s and based in London. She is single and not in a mood to commit. By profession, he is a real estate broker and works with his brother Dimpu (Kumud Mishra). But she spends most of her time partying and engaging with girls. He is also about to seal a redevelopment deal that will make him the biggest broker in London. Life is going very well for him until one day he meets Tia (Alaia F). First he flirts with her, taking her to bed with the ultimate goal. However, she drops the bomb that she could be his daughter! To make matters worse, DNA testing confirms that they are related. and that’s not all. It is also revealed that Tia is pregnant! So Jazz came to know that he is not only someone’s father, but also a grandfather! What happens next makes the rest of the film.

JAWAANI JAANEMAN is a remake of an Italian film. The plot is promising and can be made for a hilarious and touching recreation. The screenplay however is inconsistent and weak in many places. Only a few scenes work and provide laughter. The dialogues of Hussain Dalal and Abbas Dalal are funny and try their best to enhance the effect.

Nitin Kakkar’s direction is average. He does not keep the flow of the film organic. Some events occur suddenly, it is to develop feelings for Riya (Kubra Sat) or Jazz for Jazz, who tells Tia to shift to her house. These scenes are still digestible. But a scene in the second half where a local randomly accuses Jazz of cheating on him in a property deal comes out of nowhere. Until now, the audience knew jazz as a lazy worker, but not someone who was a cheat. Therefore, this revelation seems bizarre. On the positive side, he gets the emotion and humor right in some scenes. In addition, he keeps the duration in check (119 minutes).

JAWAANI JAANEMAN begins on a fine note as viewers get acquainted with jazz and its playboy lifestyle. Once Tia arrives at home, the film becomes interesting and she reveals the truth. This makes for a hilarious watch. Another memorable scene in the first half is when Jazz and Tia Drs. Kripalani (Kiku meets Sharda). A lot more is expected but the story does not go on yet. The timeout point is a bit strange. Thankfully after the post interval there is some movement in the story. But now the film sank. Also, the property deal track weakens the impact. All that relieves is Ananya (Tabu) ‘s track but even he soon loses Fiza. The final scene of the film is heart wrenching.

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Saif Ali Khan is completely in his element and fully entertained. Such a role suits him to a tee and he constantly tries to rise above the script. Alaia F makes an excellent debut and has a dependable acting. She looks gorgeous and is the only actress to shake the audience to an extent. He has a career ahead. Tabu has a late entry but carries a load of laughter. But there is no emotional arc in his character. Chunky Pandey (Rocky) initially had little to do. There is an important scene in the hospital in its second part, but it does not work. Kubra Sat is adorable and wants him to see her more. Kumud Mishra is reliable. Kiku Sharda is funny. By character requirement, Dante Alexander (Rohan) is on top. Ramit Sandhu (Tanvi) leaves an impression. Farida Jalal (mother of jazz), Shivendra Singh Mahal (father of jazz) and Diljon Singh (Grover) are fine.

Songs are all forgotten. ‘Ole Ole 2.0’ It is little registered as a popular tune. ‘Gallon cardi’, ‘Bandhu Tu Mera’ And ‘Mere Babula’ Do not work. ‘Jinhe Mera Dil Luteya’ Is played in the end credits. Ketan Sodha’s background score is a complaint by Sans.

The cinematography of Manoj Kumar Khatoi is pleasing. London locations are well occupied. The production design of Urvi Ashar Kakkar and Shipra Rawal is better. Sanam Ratanasi’s costumes are quite glamorous and all the actors in the film look very good. Sachinder Vats’s editing (additional editing by Chandan Arora) jumps to places.

Overall, JAWAANI JAANEMAN boasts of the best acting by Saif Ali Khan and debutant Alaiah F. But the direction is weak and not emotionally acted in the film. It will be a tough ride for Flick given the lack of discussion at the box office.

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