The film Ujra Chaman, starring Sunny Singh and Manvi Gagaru, has a promising and believable storyline, but inconsistent execution and predictable narrative spoil the show.

Over the years, there have been many films that have dealt with various situations that lower a person’s self-esteem, such as skin color, obesity, increased growth, etc. Two lesser known films like IM24 [2012]Is hair falling [2011] Adi has dealt with the problem but they drown without a trace. Producer Abhishek Pathak, his directorial debut film, UJDA CHAMAN, introduces the idea into the romcom space. So does UJDA CHAMAN manage to entertain the audience and move them? Or does it fail to entertain? Let us analyze.

UJDA CHAMAN is the story of a man in search of a life partner. Chaman Kohli (Sunny Singh) is a 30-year-old lecturer at Hansraj College in Delhi. She has suffered hair loss in the last five years, affecting her self-esteem and her marriage prospects. Her parents, Shashi Kohli (Atul Kumar) and Sushma Kohli (Grusha Kapoor), put a five-year-old photo of them in their wedding bio-data and when she goes to see a future bride, she wears a hat . Sadly, the hat went off and the future bride and her family kicked Kohli out of their house. His family astrologer (Saurabh Shukla) increases his stress because he claims that if Chaman is not married before 31St. Birthday, he will remain celibate for life. Chaman tries to find love, first at a friend’s wedding ceremony but it turns out to be fruitless. Later, he tries to seduce a fellow lecturer, Ekta (Aishwarya Sakhuja), but she rejects him because she is already dating someone. Suddenly, Aaina Ali Khan (Karisma Sharma), a first-year student, shows interest in Chaman. Chaman falls for her but in no time, she realizes that he hangs out with her for vested interests. With no other option, Chaman accepts his father’s suggestion and downloads Tinder. He uploads his photo, but by cutting off his bald patch. Shortly, he matches up with Apsara (Manvi Gagaru), who is overweight and just like Chaman, she also employs a close up picture to hide her so-called imperfection. The two decide to meet and are apparently shocked to see each other. What happens next makes the rest of the film.

UJDA CHAMAN is an official remake of the 2017 Kannada film, ONDU MOTTEYA KATHE (Author: Raj B. Shetty). The adapted story of Danish J Singh has immense potential as many people can relate to the people featured in the film. But Danish j. Singh’s screenplay spoils. The narrative is catchy but only in parts. Danish J Singh’s dialogues are funny and conversational.

Abhishek Pathak’s direction is not sufficiently qualified. The execution feels a bit amateurish and over-the-top. The way Chaman is almost ridiculed by students on a daily basis, because his hairline is too much. Also, the direction style is not consistent. The second half looks very different from the first half. Also, the narrative is highly predictable, with nothing unique in the film. On the positive side, some scenes act like Ayanna’s track and the hospital scene.

UJDA CHAMAN starts off on a fun, but very loud note that the opening parts are mildly entangled. The comic appears compelling in the scene where Chaman attempts to assault his brother Goldie (Gagan Arora). Aana’s track is thankfully better, but still, the film does not reach high. The intermission point is interesting and the film looks promising from here. And the early parts of the second half are very entertaining as Chaman and Apsara get closer. But after a point, nothing novel or interesting happens. The film drags and predicts. The final scene is cute but arrives too late in the film.

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Sunny Singh gives his best but does not create the desired effect. The way he looks so serious and lifeless throughout the film is difficult to digest. Even in the beginning they are described unnecessarily in a tone tone. Manvi Gagaru does much better and is natural. His issues and predictions seem very convincing and he plays the role well. Atul Kumar does a really good job as well. Grusha Kapoor is very loud. Gagan Aroras are passable. Karishma Sharma performs her role as required. Aishwarya Sakhuja has a stunning screen presence. Sharib Hashmi (Raj) is good but sadly his track is Predictable. Saurabh Shukla is strictly fine.

The music is disappointing. In college ‘Chand Nikla’ Gets registered Like the rest of the songs ‘Twinkle Twinkle’, ‘Outfit’ And ‘Oh Fellow’ Are forgettable. Hitesh Sonic’s background score is very loud and dramatic.

Sudhir’s Chaudhary’s cinematography is clean. The production design of Tarpan Srivastava is in line with the setting of the film. Pritishil Singh’s makeup and prosthetics are impeccable. The costumes of Rahil Raja and Himanshi Nijhavan are realistic. Mitesh Soni has a complaint about editing and the film has a length of 120 minutes.

Overall, UJDA CHAMAN has a promising and believable story, but inconsistent execution and predictable narrative spoil the show. At the box office, due to limited discussion and lack of popular names, the film will have a difficult time.

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