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The 2005 Hollywood comedy The 40 YEAR-OLD VIRGIN has been particularly well-liked for its premise – a man desperate to lose his virginity, but not able to do so due to some special circumstances. Bollywood has made its unofficial remake as NAUGHTY @ 40 [2011], Starring Govinda. There have been many more Bollywood films where this plot point is used as a side track and for comic relief. VIRGIN BHANUPRIYA, starring Urvashi Rautela, is based on this idea, but it stands out as here, the protagonist is female. So does VIRGIN BHANUPRIYA manage to impress and entertain? Or does it fail to entice? Let us analyze.

Virgil Bhanupriya is the story of a girl who is trying to lose her virginity. Bhanupriya (Urvashi Rautela) is a young, conservative girl from Mumbai. Her parents (Rajiv Gupta, Archana Puran Singh) are separated and are always fighting each other. She wants to fall in love but all her efforts fail. She starts dating a man named Irrfan (Vikas Verma). He pretends to be an animal worker, but one day, he is arrested for selling stray dogs as animals of international breed. Meanwhile, Bhanupriya’s friend Rukul (Rumona Molla) is quite sensible and is trying her best to get Bhanupriya laying. In one such effort, she attempts to reunite Bhanupriya with college student Rajiv (Sumit Gulati). Bhanupriya stops her but with no other option, she decides to have sex with him in the college library. Sadly, he was caught red-handed and the matter reached his parents. Bhanupriya’s father learns that Rajiv is rich and that he will get a government job in the future. He realizes that it is a good match. However, Bhanupriya stops him to pursue the case. After this, introduce Bhanupriya to Abhimanyu (Gautam Gulati). He is called Sharatiya because he likes to bet and never loses. Bhanupriya falls in love with him and she is also attracted to him. One day, when his father has gone out, Bhanupriya calls him home. She tries to get physical but Abhimanyu asks her to consume the vodka he has brought with her. As Bhanupriya is a drinker, Rajiv arrives at her house and warns her not to drink from a bottle as it is a country liquor stuffed in a bottle of vodka. Angrily Bhanupriya expels him from the house. Shattered, she walks into the washroom and starts crying. Meanwhile his father reaches home and drinks wine from the same bottle. He finishes the entire drink and collapses. What happens next makes the rest of the film.

Ajay Lohan’s story has a lot of potential and he can make for a riot. But Ajay Lohan’s screenplay is very weak. Ideally, the author should have gone out and added some horrifying moments as the story deserved it. Ajay Lohan’s dialogues are poor. A pair of one-liners raise laughter but that’s about it. Also, a lot has been dug up on right-wing ideology and while it works in the Goa hospital scene, for the rest of the film, it seems forced. And a sarcasm at popular actress Rakul Preet Singh is bizarre and is added just for the sake of it.

Ajay Lohan’s direction is poor. To give credit where it is due, one can sit from beginning to end. It is never unbearable. Sadly, the film does not require enough and one more to impress the audience. Some moments are entertaining and funny. Failed to move emotional moments. However, the biggest issue is with the climax. The director raises the level of tension as Sharatia is believed to run away. However, Bhanupriya’s response after the truth is revealed is unrelated. Also, Rukul’s decision to conceive did not cut snow.

VIRGIN BHANUPRIYA is 1 hour 50 minutes long and starts with a central plot without wasting any time. Some of the film’s situations are funny, on paper, but do not translate the same way on screen. Rajiv’s track is mediocre. Sharatia’s entry is heroic and a film is expected to be better. Sadly this does not actually happen. The film should be high on humor and emotional moments and stopping a joke or two, nothing really works. The climax is haphazard and even though the twist is like the unexpected, the effect is not made.

Speaking of performances, Urvashi Rautela has recorded a good screen presence. She manages to play the lead role of the film and no complaints in this regard. Rumona Molla gives a good performance but sadly airs her track at the end. Gautam Gulati is a bit over the top, but he works for the character. Rajiv Gupta laughs and is sad to see such a talented artist being reduced to a caricature. Archana Puran Singh went far ahead but is comparatively better. Nikki Walia (Moon Aunt) is decent. Brijendra Kala (soldier) is reliable. Sumit Gulati performs according to his character. Natasha Suri (Shonali), Pranav Verma (Jhanda), Amrit Arora (Pungi), Ashutosh Semwal (Chukia), Vikas Verma (Irfan), Delraj Irani (Tarot Card Reader), Rajiv Nigam (Astrologer) and Babita Thakur (Danta) – Ginger doctors in Goa) are fine.

The music of Amjad-Nadeem is forgetful. ‘Beat pe thumka’ It is very attractive because it is so good. ‘Dil apna haiden sea’ Is shot well. ‘Kangna Vilayati’ Played during the end credits while the title track is missing. Redesigned version of ‘Pucho Na Yaar Kya Hua’ is poor. Sanjay Chaudhary’s background score is one-sided and his daily soap-feel. The same goes for Bhimrao Sapkale’s art direction – the sets are straight out of TV shows. Johnny Lal’s cinematography is passable. Mushmi Rana’s costumes have been worn exclusively by Urvashi, Rumona and Gautam Gulati. Akshay R Mohan’s editing is fine.

Overall, VIRGIN BHANUPRIYA rests on a good idea, but is spoiled by its writing and treatment.

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