Air hazard junk

India has finally invented a vehicle scrapage system to take old vehicles into our streets and keep the air smoke free. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said on Thursday that it would set up a “win-win” for all.

That could really be it. Exhaust-emission clearance is required to operate a personal car for more than two decades. But by the end of that period there will be incentives to junk old vehicles for new ones. In addition to getting a road tax rebate and registration fee waiver, automakers promise a 5% discount on new purchases if we produce a scrapage certificate. While this encourages many of us to give up loyalists on wheels, car manufacturers will see an increase in demand. To be sure, people like to keep vintage vehicles. Also, there are cars at the top marks in the world, which are superbly engineered and passed down from one generation to another just like Swiss watches. As long as their tail pipes suffocate us and the planet does not appear to be warming, they can continue. But a large number of clinkers on our streets need to be dismantled, especially as they whisper when carbon-heavy smoke is emitted.

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