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The government has decided to hire medical interns and doctors seeking higher education for Kovid duty. Also, it said it would provide government jobs based on priority to health workers who have performed or committed themselves to at least 100 days of corona service.

India needs more hands on deck to help our heavy medical fraternity deal with the rise of Kovid cases. Assembling interns who have just become doctors, or even getting MBBS degrees, should reduce some of the stress. Some of them may not be qualified to distribute medical advice themselves, but may provide health care under supervision. While selfless dedication is a cultural expectation of medical professionals, it is a sign of the reality that the center has thrown in the incentive in the form of employment opportunities. Many prefer the permanence of a government job to private practice. And, if the country is to expand its public health capacity, it must, of course, hire more people. India needs to expand its budget allocations for health to less than 2% of GDP. And our people still need many more doctors.

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