It’s not over yet

It is difficult to lose signs of normalcy around. Shopping malls are obscured by activity, people without masks are familiar with the scene, and the economic recovery also indicates that the epidemic has passed. The truth is, however, that epidemics are on the rise again in five Indian states, new species have emerged and the chances of a second wave occurring are not very low. Although India’s vaccine drive is progressing slower than necessary and high antibody detection in urban areas has calmed the nerves, we cannot quantify herd immunity. Randeep Guleria, chief of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, described the idea of ​​keeping India safe as “myth”.

Hence social distance and other Kovid-appropriate practices should be pursued. To be sure, our corona curve fell sharply from the peak in mid-September. The sacrifice is too great, so as to escape the epidemic, we owe it to ourselves not to give up trying at this point. U-shaped charts must be acted upon in states or old hotspots that are spreading to new areas. The desire to get our lives back and watching businesses roar should not misread us as dangers.

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