Let everyone speak but the logic must ultimately prevail

Here is the latest from the awakened world. Some hospitals in the United Kingdom have begun to use the term “chest feeding” instead of “breastfeeding” in an effort to further include transgender people. The original queue came from a study published in the Journal of Pediatrics in 2016 by two medical researchers from the Pearlman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and the Johns Hopkins University, arguing that breastfeeding is a “natural” way to feed babies. Many negative social effects: “(It) can be morally problematic and, more embarrassingly, increase this belief that ‘natural’ approaches are healthy”.

In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics has reiterated that “breastfeeding and human milk are the standard for infant nutrition and nutrition” and that “infant nutrition should be considered a public health issue and not just a lifestyle choice”, but who cares? When doctors spend more time thinking about waking up than about health, science retires.

Voke-ism seems to have blown the gates of Western academia — especially the Humanities — flood to Smitherens. In the media and other public spaces, the culture of brutal dissolution and a minor victim – on the contrary – seems to be going hand in hand and doing very well. An example. Last July, Neil Golightley, Boeing’s communications chief, was outraged by a 33 – year – old article that argued that women should not serve in the military. Should today’s standards apply to 1987? Sure, can freedom of expression be expanded a little?

But again, who cares?

The fact that someone has ever done something in life is enough for mob justice. And this is just one example from the ongoing persecution.

As we know, the awakened tsunami also crashed on Indian shores, certainly among young people from urban English-speaking homes. I’m sure most of them are well understood, but sometimes their lack of logical thinking is problematic. Take the case of 22-year-old Disha Ravi, who was arrested on treason charges in connection with the ongoing farmers ’agitation in India. We should assume she is innocent if not proven guilty, but her story raises a few more questions.

She has been described as a “climate activist” in the global media. Her reason is undoubtedly good, but does she really understand land issues? If she does, she should be more concerned about the climate devastation that is recklessly destroying agriculture. For example, with free energy and water in Punjab, all studies have shown that its water table is dangerously declining; If this trend continues, some experts predict that the state will become a barren desert in another two decades.

Every year, with the onset of winter, farmers burn large amounts of crop stubble in northern India, creating a toxic haze and smoldering the national capital area, causing unimaginable damage to the economy and public health. According to a report by the Ministry of Environment, hell has a 42% share in air pollution in India, peaking last November. These methods — irresponsible use of natural resources, stubborn burning, over-deployment of pesticides — must fight against the climate activist, and not laws that allow us to correct things that, in fact, help farmers in the long run. The best intentions cannot justify ignorance.

In Western countries, even the slightest slip — true or ined — causes thunderous rage; People will lose their jobs and have to apologize. At Boeing, Golightly announced his departure to the company staff via my Kulpa email, which he shared with the media. “The article I wrote — with the arguments I immediately rejected — makes for a painful reading,” he wrote. “It’s painful because it’s wrong, it’s painful because it’s unpleasant for women. It’s painful because it reminds me of a sharp and awkward education unknown to me and received as soon as that part of the unknown ‘me’ appeared.”

Does this “social justice” movement remind one of Stalinism, showing the rites of confession and penance after its social media trials? Do words lose meaning or become trash? Like “breastfeeding”.

Much derived from the “post-modern” cultural theories promoted by the French philosophers Jacques Derrida and Michel Foucault, they called for the rejection of logic. Clearly, logic is also a form of oppression. The fact of this conclusion, however, is reached by a sort of logic.

Last October, it was even more interesting when French Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer spoke of “out-of-control leftism and the abolition of the culture that threatens French identity.” He was supported by 100 eminent intellectuals and academics in an open letter; President Emmanuel Macron also warned against “certain social science theories that are completely imported from the US.” It should be funny, but it’s not.

Hopefully, in a luxurious India, we will never get to that point, but we seem to be moving forward that way, at least in the remarkable elites. Let everyone talk, but let healthy logic rule.

Sandeepan Deb is the former editor of ‘Financial Express’ and the founding editor of ‘Open’ and ‘Swarajya’ magazines.

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