Must be the first major acquisition made by Netflix

Streaming Entertainment Wars is inevitably selling off small programmers and studios to one of the few companies that dominates the world of online video subscriptions: Inc., Apple Inc., AT&T Inc., Netflix Inc. and Walt Disney Co. deals with home-based mergers and acquisitions. There are, however, the hottest takeover target in the field of video streaming on the internet is better known than walking the red carpets. Discovery Inc. needs to stay on top of Netflix with its HGTV home-renovation shows, TLC reality dramas, food network cooking competitions and modern twists on Nature programming.

Discovery is a treasure trove of addictive, low-budget reality shows that have spawned passionate super fans. Taking 90 days fianc, Which will be broadcast on the TLC network. Chief Executive Officer David Jaslow once thought it was the company’s own Sunday night football.

Meanwhile, streaming giants are calling billions of dollars a year in “premium content”, referring to HBO quality script series and movies suitable for movie theaters. But many of these strategies seem to have been overlooked as many look for the worst TV in streaming apps frustrated by the lack of options.

With the discovery + beginning of January it started to change. The company said it already has 15 million paid subscribers on its direct-to-consumer platforms this week, and a Discovery + majority stake. It wasn’t too shabby. For context, HBO and its streaming offspring HBO Max, which is almost 50 years old, together have 44 million US subscribers.

In fact, Discovery + is cannibalizing its own traditional cable networks and disappointing first-quarter shareholders. At its source was a 63% increase in sales, general and administrative costs by promoting Discovery +.

This app has a quality that is missing from Netflix and is appreciated about the cable: the ability to tune what it has and only half-watch. And decision fatigue is when Netflix introduced the ‘Play Something’ button for “When We Don’t Make Decisions”.

User engagement generated by the Discovery Library helps to streamline applications looking to improve profitability through advertising or price increases. And its every appearance- whatever it is My 600-pound life, naked and scared Or ChoppedNetflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV + pretty much franchise.

The victim of the Archigos Capital Blob, the Discovery stock also gained slightly cheaper. Its market value of $ 26 billion (from $ 47 billion briefly in mid-March) is a bite-size for tech giants; The same amount of cash that Amazon Business threw away last year. Netflix’s financial position is also strengthening, with the growth-hungry company expected to make its first major acquisition soon.

Netflix started talking only on reality TV, though this spring is back Circle And It was too hot to handleTwo competitive performances, indicating that it was happy with the next very racey-opening reception.

On the other hand, Disney + users will definitely not find these types of programs in the family-friendly service. Other apps focus on content scripted by famous actors such as HBO Max Flight Attendant Starring Kale Cuco, and Jason Sudekis Ted Lasso On Apple TV +. This left Discovery + as a unique product in a sea of ​​Netflix copycats.

It is also unique in another way.

One of the strongest international footprints in the Discovery industry has for the past few years acquired Eurosport, a pan-European sports network that broadcasts HGTV-parent scrips networks, Polish media assets and Olympic rights. While some of its most popular programs in America have developed following abroad, the company has invested in both dub and local language content.

With the growth of Netflix’s U.S. subscribers almost halting this quarter, international markets have a new focus. Disney + is making a big splash internationally using its bundle with Star, a new general-entertainment product not available in the US.

Under the circumstances, it is difficult to imagine Discovery + ongoing streaming wars as an independent product. But its enormous content library occasionally enhances the value proposition of any popular app faster than a big-budget movie.© Bloomberg

Tara Lachapelle Bloomberg Opinion columnist, business of entertainment and telecommunications, as well as extensive deals.

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