Read aloud to laugh out loud in this weird age of masked merriment

And I swear I have not had much fun and have felt together over the years!

Make an effort. Really.

And then I reflected: What are the fun stories or books one reads? Stories you can come back to and laugh at yourself silly? I called the brightest people I knew.

“Bright” means you should play the theme music of the Magnificent Seven when you call them. We decided to limit it to English.

For me, the crown goes to James Thurbers More Alarms to Night. If you do not laugh out loud every time you read, you should order a census taker, a bottle of fava beans and chianti. Thurber’s brother Roy decides to have some fun, and at three o’clock in the morning he wakes up his father and says, “Buck, your time has come.” However, no one in the Thurber family was called a buck. , With unintended and insane consequences. Please read on. Loud. The virus is filled in front of your gaffs.

I limit myself to having fun here just for fun. So Shaw, Catch-22, is not one. Thus, Mark Twain. Choosing one of his stories was a lot of trouble, but how did I edit the farm paper. The point is clear. I quote: “The excited listener leans towards me to shake hands and said‘ there, there it will be. I know I’m now ప్పుడు when I first read it ఉన్న despite my friends who put me on such a tight watch కఠిన, but now I believe I’m crazy, with that came a scream that I heard two miles away. , And began to kill someone — because, you know, I knew it would come sooner or later, so I could start too. I started burning down my house. I’ve disabled a lot of people, and have a fellow tree where I can get him when I want him. I thought I would call here when I was traveling; Now it is certain, and I tell you that it is good luck for the chapter on the tree డ్ Good-bye, sir; You have taken so much burden out of my mind. My reason is one of your farm articles, and now I know I can not remove it. “

Of course, the Woodhouse is to be found, but from that vast treasury, how do you choose a story? After in-depth discussions with friends, I was selected. Shashi Tharoor, who reads each of his 70-odd books, may be different, but Bertie told us, “Like Shakespeare said, if you’re going to do a thing, you can pop it right and get it,” and I will not argue with Stratford’s Will, so the choice is The Click Off. Cuthbert (“There’s no novelist except me! Sovietsky – yah! Nastikoff – ba! I spit on the gem … PG Woodhouse and Tolstoy are not bad. Not good, but not bad. No novelist is good except me.” ); By Uncle Fred Flitz, the old man’s cold cat Pongo Twistleton is forced to act as a deaf veterinarian, in his sign language (genius!) The Amazing Hot Mystery (which I leave readers to solve) ). Or you can read Gucci Fink-Nott’s speech at the gift-giving market at Market Snowbury Grammar School in Wright-Ho, Jeeves!

From stories to novels. Strangely-or-the jury easily agreed with the answer. A Confederation of Dances, written by John Kennedy Tool, was published 11 years after he committed suicide because the book was rejected by every publisher he sent it to. In 1981, it earned him the posthumous Pulitzer Prize.

The novel was eventually published through the efforts of Tool’s mother and author and educator Walker Percy. In his book introduction, Percy writes: “The great credit of the tool goes to Ignatius Reilly, the genius, the ideology, the deadbeat, the goof off, the glutton. Homosexuals, Protestants, and modern-day classifiers. “Ignatius Reilly knows all this, and he hates it all. It’s amazing beyond description.

Personal episode. A Confederation of Dances I gave my copy to my best friend Tilak, who left on a flight after the Delhi-Bangalore flights. That’s right, I told him. They are pre-Amazon, pre-Flipkart days, books are not available at Rat Click. A Confederation of Dances is hard to find because Stephen King is not a bestseller. Tilak searched and got me a copy — probably from abroad. Because he decided that this book should always be with me. That’s the real value of books and friends.

Yes, worth it. And in these strange times, funny books are worth a little more. The last thing we need is to drink the cup of life and find the dead beetle at the bottom (courtesy: Pelham Grenville W). Try to read aloud, the importance of earning. Or Winnie the Pooh. Things you can find!

Sandeepan Deb is the former editor of ‘Financial Express’ and the founding editor of ‘Open’ and ‘Swarajya’ magazines.

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