Risk of inflation

Many independent companies predict that India’s gross domestic product will double at 2021-22. For example, the economy sees a 13.7% growth in the shrinking base of Moody’s 2020-21. The Reserve Bank expects a 10.5% expansion. However, growth is now at increased risk due to an increase in coronavirus infections, which triggers localized clamps in the major industrial states of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Gujarat. For now, the country needs to better understand proper control to balance lives and livelihoods, but our second wave has kept us on guard, and Kovid fatigue has increased our vulnerability.

Facing a third wave, France has lowered its 2021 growth forecast from 6% to 5%. If India’s surge does not subside soon and partial lockdowns expand, we could re-enforce last year’s supply-chain interruptions, which will lead to our economic recovery. While lockdown resistance is prevalent in the business community, saving lives in cities where the pandemic is set to surpass our health care potential must again be a priority. There are no easy options, but this wave must be suppressed.

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