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There is nothing worse than the pain and fatal uncertainty that Kovid sufferers experience, but the inability to get life-saving drugs or treatment help is second to none. Sadly, it’s all around us, not just the hospital beds, but also the Ventic calls to save drugs like Oxygen and Remindesivir. Good ntic hindsight has saved us such an injury, but hoarding is really playing an enforceable role in India’s ongoing tragedy.

The epidemic is being harassed by black-market agents for profit, and even local politicians for petty games of power and nourishment. Shortage means that for many people Kovid Care has reduced the strength of their phone books. The hoarders sat on the stocks even though people were eager for survival. It takes time for supply to increase. For now, the government should burn an SOS flame, appeal to the hoarders’ conscience to ‘give it up’ and deposit what they have in a common pool. Keeping supplies away is illegal, so a debt waiver scheme can be announced that allows you to leave items anonymously for fair compensation. At the risk of lives, hoarders may be committed.

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