State chat apps

It seems the government has decided to cover up the privacy issues posed by WhatsApp’s controversial data policy by setting up its own online chat platforms. A couple of them, Samvad (conversation) and Sandes (message), were reportedly in their testing phase. Both may be for government use, or just one, although another app for government communication is also on its way.

This exercise has a clear impression of New Delhi Delhi’s self-deprecating or self-sufficient approach. A recent simplification of the rules of Indian cartography has revealed an attempt to shift the field towards local players and the general championship of domestic applications indicates the desire to exclude users from foreign internet devices. While there is little doubt that the country has the technical expertise needed to create its own applications, it is very unclear whether locally made knockoffs will be successful in the open market. With networks, me-toes and laticommers are at a huge disadvantage because No. 1 already has a vast expanse and that is its big attraction. Even superior opponents may fail. To move us forward, we need applications around the world rather than the concept curve.

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