The misfortunes of the coronavirus in our dreamland

Although the news filters of ‘Great Entertainers’ Akshay Kumar and Govinda have become the latest high-profile victims of the virus, the virus’ own’ entertainment codeine ‘remains high. The show must go on. Therefore, film, serial and commercial shootings are allowed. For this Mumbai, Mary John and “We are all mad here”.

Lockdown to the majority of people in Mumbai, reminiscent of the fragility of this strange rabbit hole, which symbolizes one of the promises of wealth, fame and power, but not necessarily in that order. After spending a whole year scraping and surviving in the city to hang on to their livelihood (and self-esteem), its residents can accept that “going back to yesterday is useless, because we are different people then”. .

With the closure of ‘Non-Essentials’ with gyms, beauty parlors, salons, spas and retail stores, small retailers and corner shoppers are trying to live honestly. “Off with their heads”, refers to law and order machinery, because it has a large stick and forces them to pull the shutters down.

On the other hand, occasions when weddings are celebrated, especially by ruling party politicians. After all, a daughter’s marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime event, infected with the virus. One could be a responsible husband and dating father trying to ensure the Big Fat Indian wedding dream or another member of the ruling party trying to control the virus in Dreamland, but here too the show must go on.

No one knows where we are, which path to take, or how to end it all. A politician asks on national television why schools should be allowed to remain open. After all, these are “non-essentials” and need to save lives. Another politician tweets about how wearing masks destroys the livelihoods of those who work through beauty parlors.So, are we saving lives or livelihoods? Hard to say, an action bias is something that can only be detected. No one should be accused of doing nothing.

“Please, can you tell me which way I should go from here?”

“It’s a good deal based on where you want to go.”

“I don’t care much where”

“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”

“As long as I’m somewhere.”

What is the need to wear masks and practice social distance? When it comes to vaccines, it’s nice to say “take”, but the wise little Indian is going to do it in a hurry. “No sir, no, I’ll see first,” [she says], “And see if it is marked as‘ poison ’.” And, after all, is it my karma, and not necessary to atone for one’s past sins and carry them forward to one’s next birth?

Going to Tiktok and watching the latest deaths from different parts of the country, do you wonder if the most powerful tool to deal with Kovid has not empowered himself against this beast known as ‘Fake News’, which is popular on social media? Despite the increase in the virus, vaccine contraction (MIS) testifies to a greater increase under the tsunami of information. “Why, sometimes I believe in six impossible things before breakfast.”

The division between India and India can only be in one’s mind. Because, just as Nassers and vaccine skeptics of ‘India’ are wondering if a billionaire philanthropist has bugged their vaccines with liquid microchips, those in ‘India’ fear that Jab is part of a grand conspiracy to prevent them from contributing to a large population dividend. The highly viral nature of such rumors has led many of our doctors and vaccine manufacturers to turn their attention to making and posting videos online to combat the ‘infodemic’ without facing an epidemic. “You see, a lot of outside things [have] It happened late [one has] In fact very few things started to think [are] Really impossible. “

But why make Molhill Mountain. Lockdown is only ‘partial’ after all. If the lockdown was complete, as it was last year, it would be a completely different story. “Because, it made a terribly ugly kid; but [as it stands now] It makes a beautiful pig. “So keep up the work you’ve been assigned to do. Work from home, or from your farmhouse or hotel.” After all, if everyone looked after their own business, the world would round up a deal faster than that. “

And what is government? One year and lockdown So, what can it take away? “Takes all the runs you can to keep it in one place”. And what about the lockdown? “Really, now you ask me, I don’t think so”.

“Then you should not speak, [sorry, lock]. “

These are the personal views of the author.

Professor of Economics at SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Tulsi Jayakumar Bhavan.

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