Time for a global agreement on health emergencies

Partnership interests are very rare to achieve common goals. As game theory tells us, along with the temptations of advantage and instant payment can ultimately work against the best for everyone. Environmental degradation is a prime example of the ‘tragedy of the commons’ obtained in the quest to deal with selfishness. Kovid We were put in a similar bond. To curb the epidemic, nowhere should anyone be at its mercy. What we need is not just concerns about others, but a global agreement that has all state actors on a mutually agreed agenda. Last year, European Council President Charles Mitchell unveiled the idea of ​​an international agreement on the pandemic designed to ensure universal access to vaccines and drugs during such outbreaks. On Tuesday, 23 national leaders joined the World Health Organization, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.WHO) Director General Tedros Ghebreasus In concluding an agreement on global health emergencies. Warning of the inevitability of a future pandemic, Kovid told us that “it is a complete and painful reminder that no one is safe until everyone is safe.”

The broader goal of such an agreement is to increase “mutual accountability and partnership responsibility, transparency and cooperation in the international system,” in the words of its latest advocates, who encouraged each country to join them. Not to mention the mutual distrust and weak coordination that marked the Pacific, global response in the early stages of our crisis across the political slugfest, waiting for such a call to be issued. Fully signed-up multilateral protocols are in place We do not need to have a bizarre dispute about the origin of the virus in China, and the Chinese authorities are committed to releasing data on it. In fairness, they voluntarily donated the gene of SARS-CoV-2. This has allowed scientists in other areas to break into remedies and treatments. However, we celebrate the rapid creation of various adenovirus and m-RNA vaccines as evidence of the scientific value beyond the cage. Riders, our collective effort to stop the transmission of the corona has faltered at various levels of vaccine nationalism. Countries with good doses have too many doses, which can hurt vast populations. The WHO and other agencies have turned the world upside down with their Kovacs initiative, which aims to provide faster and equal access to vaccines for everyone, but maintaining the 2 billion doses now ordered depends on national and a chaotic limited supply. Market preferences.

India should not only join the negotiations but also lead their potential as the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer. The financial and human cost of any pandemic is horrendous and it can take years for its scars to heal. Worldwide, Kovid has infected 128 million, died more than 2.8 million and is yet to be completed. Swiss Ray estimates that the $ 12 trillion hole in global economic output will burn by the end of this pandemic year. Such annihilation exacerbates inequality, depresses millions, and sets the stage for social strife. With the habitats of many species endangered by climate change, we must constantly pose threats to human life posed by zoonotic viruses. As the planet suffers from (most) of these (so far) epidemics, we need to hold this moment to join hands in solidarity.

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