Wake-up splash

India recorded 312 Kovid deaths on Saturday, the highest daily number since Christmas. In the previous 24 hours, 62,714 new coronavirus cases were reported in the country, with the sharpest ODI spike detected in almost five months. We are clearly in the middle of the second wave. It does not have to diminish the festive spirit of Holi, but the splash metaphor we need, leads to complete vigilance, and the contact that best serves us is with realism, unlike the sort used for a smear of color.

Kovid fatigue is severe, vaccines have pushed many people into a misguided sense of security, and rapidly increasing risks seem to be fighting against the social desire to keep them away. Holi, especially in northern India, is a tradition of abandoning prohibitions. It does not matter. Regardless of whether we live in epidemic hotspots or not, we all need to restrain ourselves and observe Kovid-appropriate behavior regularly. If we fail to curb the current infection surge, it will lead to economic recovery even without another lockdown. Trade needs to be generalized in all sectors. Its chances should not be further reduced in 2021-22.

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