150-strong UP police team leaves for Punjab to bring back Mukhtar Ansari; Relatives fear for his safety

The Punjab Home Department had asked the UP authorities to keep Maui BSP MLA Ansari in the Rupnagar jail in April or earlier, following an order of the Supreme Court on March 26, following an order from the UP government, to transfer him to Banda Jail in two weeks.

A 150-member team, including a contingent of state-of-the-art provincial armed constabulary, was released from Banda on Monday morning to bring Ansari back from Punjab, senior police officials said.

“The process of eradicating the mafia has begun,” Uttar Pradesh minister Siddharthanath Singh told reporters, alleging that the Punjab government had made every effort to stop the handover of Ansari but had to bow to the “promise” of the Yogi Adityanath government.

He stressed that criminals will be dealt with severely regardless of their religion or caste.

UP police said Ansari, who has been lodged in Rupnagar jail since January 2012 in extortion cases, is facing 52 cases in UP and elsewhere and 15 of them are on trial.

Police have arrested 99 criminals in the investigation against his group and have so far seized, released or destroyed valuable property. 192 crore associated with MPL and its associates.

Acting Superintendent of Banda District Jail Promod Tiwari said all arrangements have been made for Ansari at Barrack No. 15 and no other detainee can enter the area.

“Three prison guards will be deployed inside the barracks,” he said.

In its letter, the Punjab Home Department requested the Additional Chief Secretary (Home) of Uttar Pradesh to make appropriate arrangements for Ansari’s transfer as he was ill due to some medical condition.

On Sunday, the Additional Director General of Police, Allahabad Zone, Prakash Prakash said that an ambulance would be part of the convoy going to Punjab.

Ansari’s family members say they feared for his life if he was brought to Uttar Pradesh. His wife Afshan Ansari claimed he could have died in a fake encounter and demanded adequate protection for him.

On Monday, Ansari’s brother and Gazipur BSP MP Afzal Ansari expressed fears that a conspiracy might be hatched against him in the UP jail.

“Following the media reports and statements given by the BJP leaders, the Ansari family is worried. But the Ansari family is not worried.

“Justice is still alive in the country. I believe that justice will prevail and Mukta will be acquitted in all cases.”

The MP said he was proud of the country’s independent judiciary and he was confident that nothing bad would happen to his brother.

“There may be a conspiracy against Mukhtar Ansari in the UP jail. We will go to the judiciary over Mukhtar’s protection. When the state government is creating a problem, the judiciary has no choice but to seek refuge,” said Afzal Ansari.

Meanwhile, at another intersection, an ambulance sent back to Ansari outside a roadside banquet on the Chandigarh-Nangal highway in Punjab’s Rupgarh district on Wednesday reported the incident in Punjab’s Rupnagar district on Sunday.

Police said they took the car into their custody.

Ansari was taken to court in a wheelchair that day amid tight security.

A case was filed in Barabanki in Uttar Pradesh after the ambulance documents were found to be fake.

On Sunday, Uttar Pradesh police, officials said, had formed a special investigation team to further probe into the fake documents of the ambulance.

At one point in the issue, a Punjab police official clarified that a detainee could be taken to a private ambulance on medical grounds and had to bear the cost of transporting the detainee.

Additional Director General of Police Prashant Kumar said in a statement on Monday that there were 52 cases against Ansari in other states, including UC.

Fifteen of them are on trial, the statement said, adding that the state’s work will end soon and the culprits will face punishment.

“Mukhtar (Ansari) has committed heinous crimes in eastern Uttar Pradesh, including killing policemen. He has formed a gang of criminals and shooters in the state.

The statement said, “He contacted Sahabuddin’s group in Bihar to establish a strong criminal network and empire,” adding that Ansari had established his control over the coal market and contracts in eastern UP.

The UP government has taken stern action against Mukhtar Ansari and his associates by breaking up their empire under the Gangster Act.

Estimated value of property seized / destroyed / released by Moktar Ansari and his associates “192 crore,” the statement said.

99 criminals of his gang have been arrested. Action has been taken against 755 criminals under the Gangster Act. The arms licenses of 72 criminals of this gang have been revoked or suspended. Action has also been taken against seven contractors of the gang, the statement said.

The Supreme Court recently directed the Punjab government to hand over Ansari’s custody to the Uttar Pradesh police, saying he was being denied trivial reasons under a medical issue.

The apex court further said that any convict or underdrial prisoner who violates the laws of this country cannot oppose his transfer from one jail to another and the court should not be a helpless deterrent if the rule of law is challenged with impunity.

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