Ashok Gahlot has called for the release of 201 metric tonnes of medical oxygen in Rajasthan

Jaipur : Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Friday called on the Center to send 201 metric tonnes of medical oxygen to the state on an urgent basis to help address the crisis posed by the growing coronavirus epidemic.

He said the state government needed 466 metric tonnes of medical oxygen for those undergoing treatment for COVID-19, but it had only 2,265 metric tonnes in stock.

“Today, Rajasthan has a shortage of about 201 metric tons of oxygen. State infections account for 5% of the total cases in the country but oxygen allocation is only 1.6%. The state will need a total of 550 metric tons of oxygen in a week. Therefore, there is another request to the central government today to allocate 201 metric tons of oxygen to the state as a state of emergency, ”Gahlot tweeted.

He said the number of active coronavirus cases currently active in the state is 1.70 lakh and 20,400 patients require oxygen assistance.

It may be that the central government has taken control of oxygen and drugs for better management but states should be allowed to supervise the center if they want to help each other, Gehlot said.

In Rajasthan, 5,60,666 cases of the virus have been reported so far and 4,064 people have died.

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