BJP hopes Metroman Sreedharan’s inclusion will help Kerala enter Assembly polls

‘Metroman’ E Sridharan The decision to join the BJP has raised hopes of a massive election in Kerala, the party’s strongest political constituency, in the Assembly polls in April.

But the two main players in state politics – the ruling CPI (M) -led LDF and the Congress-led UDF – are not giving much thought to the 7-year-old technocrat’s decision to join the BJP politically.

The Kerala BJP hopes that Sreedharan’s entry will increase the party’s vote share, especially by winning the support of the middle class.

Senior party leader B Radhakrishna Menon said Sridharan’s decision to work with the BJP has given new hope and anticipation for the development of Kerala.

“His decision to join the BJP has boosted the morale of our party workers in the state. The development of Kerala will be a major issue in the forthcoming Assembly polls,” Menon told PTI.

While left leaders criticized Sreedharan’s decision, senior Congress leader Omen Chandy said that although her views on Sreedharan were good, she was saddened by the technocrat’s decision to join the BJP.

“Sridharan is a good engineer. But he doesn’t seem to understand the history of the country,” said CPI (M) state secretary A Vijayaraghavan in response to his decision to join the saffron party.

CPI leader and Rajya Sabha MP Binoy Bishwawal refuted Sreedharan’s statement that he would remain open as chief minister if the BJP won the assembly polls.

“Sreedharan said that he was ready to be the chief minister. But this wise man went and joined the corrupt party. He joined the BJP without seeing or knowing anything. Ever since he joined the Saffron Party, he felt that he was confused.” .

In an interview to the media, Vijayarghavan also accepted Sridharan for criticizing strong CPI (M) leader and Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

Responding to Sridharan’s allegation that he witnessed the Kerala dictatorship during Bijran’s rule, the CPI (M) leader said his remarks against the chief minister were “unreasonable”.

“His words show that he does not trust democracy here,” Vijayaravan said.

“He is a self-proclaimed chief ministerial candidate who believes people will follow him,” said J. Prabhas, a political analyst and former political science professor at Kerala University. “He is ignoring the people of Kerala by saying that people will follow him if he offers to be the chief ministerial candidate.”

Prabhas, a former vice-chancellor of the university, said people respected him as an engineer, a genuine professional with a free career.

“When he does politics, there will be a counter-narrative that he must be prepared to accept. Which he will not accept. He has never faced anything like that,” he said.

A political observer, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the BJP hoped that Sridharan’s entry into the state, a symbol of possibility in public life, would boost the party’s vote fortunes.

“He is a symbol of possibility in public life. This will help him to have a peer influence in the middle class society of Kerala,” he said.

State party chief K Surendran announced the entry of many acclaimed technocrats into politics through the BJP at a press conference in Kozhikode on Thursday.

The BJP has said that Sreedharan will join the party on Sunday to express the “obsession” of the LDF government and the previous UDF-led system starting from Kasaragod to Thiruvananthapuram and pave the way for the assembly. Selection.

Sreedharan, who has been credited with transforming the country’s public transport system, said he joined the BJP to ensure justice for the people of Kerala who are being deprived of the fruits of development due to their “self-centered” attitude. CPI (M) -led LDF government.

This story has been published without any change in the text from the feed of any cable company. Only the title has been changed.

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