Congress raises raffle deal again after French media demand কমিশ 1.1 million ‘commission’

New Delhi : Congress on Monday demanded a full investigation into the defense deal in Rafale and sought a response from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, then a French media report claimed that the aircraft manufacturer had paid “1.1 million to a” mediator “.

Chief Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala told a news conference here that a report by a French news portal proved that Rahul Gandhi’s repeated allegations of corruption in the deal were correct.

Although there was no immediate response from the BJP or the government to the allegations, they have denied any irregularities in the country’s largest defense deal in the past.

According to a report by a French portal, an investigation by the French anti-corruption agency AFA found that Dassault, the maker of the raffle, paid মধ্য 1.1 million to an intermediary – Deficiencies Solutions – an Indian company, since the agreement was signed in 2016.

At a press conference, he asked, “Is there no need for a full and independent investigation into India’s largest defense deal now to find out how much bribes and commissions were actually paid, and to whom the Indian government paid them?” “

“Will Prime Minister Narendra Modi answer the nation now?” He asked.

Surjewala said the amount was shown by Dausalt as a “gift to clients”.

The Congress leader said the Defense Procurement Process (DPP) as well as the Indian government’s policy outlined in the defense procurement agreement would have a “truth clause” which clearly stated that no commission or bribe could be mediated or levied.

Surjewala said the DPP had serious penal consequences, including banning middlemen or providers of any evidence of commission or bribery, canceling contracts, registering FIRs and imposing heavy financial penalties on the company.

“Doesn’t the Raffles deal induce heavy fines on Dassault, company bans, an FIR registration and other punitive consequences?”

He asked if the € 1.1 million shown by Dassault as a ‘gift to clients’ actually paid a commission to the arbitrator for the raffle deal?

“How can a ‘middleman’ and a ‘payment of commission’ be sanctioned for any defense procurement in India in violation of the ‘Government-to-Government Defense Agreement’ or mandatory defense procurement process,” he asked.

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