‘EV-charger making rules must be made in malls, flats will be set up’

Bengaluru : Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister CN Ashwat Narayan on Monday said regular steps would be taken to create mandatory electric vehicle-charging infrastructure in high-rise buildings, metro stations, malls, IT parks and apartments.

Encouraging e-mobility, he said the government aims to replace 50 per cent of all its vehicles with electric vehicles (EVs) in the next 2-3 years. The Deputy Chief Minister was speaking at the Harvard-India conference titled ‘The Future of Sustainable Dynamics’, an official statement said.

Karnataka is looking forward to US partnerships and specific strategies in the e-mobility sector, the statement said. According to Narayan, the aim is to install fast chargers on several important highways in the state, such as the Bengaluru-Chennai Highway and the Bengaluru-Mysuru, with a view to setting up a world-class Karnataka Electric Power Transmission Research and Innovation Center.

“The lack of infrastructure to charge EVs still remains a major concern and the state is working towards improving the situation,” he said. He assessed the situation and said he had received feedback from citizens on discounting charges in public places, dedicated parking for e-cabs, and arranging EV charging to maintain law and order for the state’s infrastructural development.

Noting that EVs can provide realism, durability, protection and affordable features, the deputy chief minister said the country had a surplus of electricity and was currently seeing reasons for low tree loads due to low power consumption. Presumably, the demand from EVS could greatly improve the reason for the use of reducing power plants, he said.

He said the central government has been supporting the effort of electrical mobility through fund research, providing a favorable platform for the design, development and demonstration of EV projects, he said.

He said countries like Norway, the United States and China could be an example to Karnataka in developing e-mobility ecosystems. “The state has been able to capture more than 30 per cent of the market size and digital engineering departments like Clean Tech, EV, Aerospace, Med Tech and Construction are planning to capture 50 per cent market share. Others offer significant opportunities for growth,” Narayan said.

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