First episode from 28th October, results on 10th November

Bihar Election Date: The Election Commission of India (ECI) on Friday announced the schedule for the 2020 Bihar Assembly elections. Voting for the Bihar Assembly elections will be held in three phases – the first on October 28, the second on November 3 and the third on November – the Election Commission announced on Friday that all votes will be counted on November 10.

This is the schedule of Bihar Election 2020:

Bihar elections will be held in three phases.

The first phase will cover 711 seats. Poll – 28th October.

Date of issuance of gazette notification: 1st October

Nomination deadline: October 28

Verification and selection of nominations: 29 October

Last date for withdrawal of candidature: 12 October

Voting date: 28 October

The second phase will cover 94 seats. Polls – 3rd November.

Date of issuance of Gazette Notification: 9th October

Nomination deadline: October 16

Nomination Investigation: 1 Oct October

Last date for withdrawal of candidature: 19th October

Voting date: November 3

The third phase will cover 786 seats. Polls- 7th November.

Date of issuance of Gazette Notification: 13th October

Nomination deadline: October 20

Nomination Verification-Selection: 21st October

Last date for withdrawal of candidature: 23rd October

Voting date: 2 Nov November

Results will be announced November 10.

Bihar Assembly Election Date: Here are the highlights

  • “Security forces need to be deployed on a large scale during the elections. We have tried to reduce their movement over long distances,” said CEC Aurora. This is due to their fatigue as well as Kovid-19, he added. “We’ve reduced the number of stages because of this,” Aurora says.
  • Number 2 is not limited to those who come with the candidate to submit nomination. The number of vehicles is not limited to 22. The door-to-door campaign is limited to five candidates.
  • Bihar will have 42,000 polling stations.
  • With this announcement, the model code of conduct came into effect immediately, the CEC said.
  • Adequate measures should be taken to prevent social media platforms from abusing their platforms, the CEC said.
  • All election meetings will be overseen by election and health officials. Public gatherings can be done by following the rules of social distance. The district election officers will decide on the number of people allowed at such gatherings.
  • District election officials are tasked with identifying the basis for physical campaigns and ensuring circles marked on the ground to ensure social distance, says Sunil Arora
  • In addition to the postal facility, those who are separate with Covid-19 will be able to vote in the last hour of voting. Voting time has been extended by one hour, and from morning to evening. Will not be held until.
  • The number of voters at polling stations has been cut to one thousand to facilitate social distance, the CEC said.
  • “The world has improved since the Delhi elections, of course not,” said Sunil Aurora, the prime minister’s election commissioner.
  • In 2015, the total number of voters in Bihar was 67 67 million. That number has risen to million2 million, says CEC Sunil Aurora.
  • This is the largest selection of Covid-19 in the world.
  • Postal ballots have been extended to those over 80 years of age. Wherever needed and asked, the facility will be extended. In addition, disabled voters, and those suffering from Covid-19 problems, will be taken care of, CEC Sunil Aurora said.
  • “The term of the Bihar Assembly expires on November 29. The Bihar Assembly has 243 members, of which 36 seats are reserved for SCs and two tribes,” said CEC Sunil Aurora.
  • Sunil Aurora says more than one lakh hand sanitizer units, about 4 lakh lakh masks, one lakh lakh PPE kits, 7.7 lakh units face-ieldal, 23 lakh (pairs) hand gloves arranged, says Sunil Aurora

The Supreme Court today refused to file an application to postpone the upcoming Bihar Assembly elections in the wake of the COVD-1P epidemic.

A team comprising ECI members visited the state earlier this month to review election preparations and review the situation.

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