Free Covid vaccine for all in Bengal, BJP says ‘Joomla like Bihar’, TMC responds

At the end of the day Mamata Banerjee The state has promised to give free covid vaccine to everyone above the age of 18 on May 18, after May, the BJP has now promised to give free vaccine in Bengal.

Taking Twitter from its official handle, the BJP wrote, “As soon as the BJP government comes to power in West Bengal, the Covid-19 vaccine will be made available to all free of cost.”

The Trinamool Congress mentioned early enough that the BJP had “forgotten” about the free Kovid-19 vaccine in Bihar after returning to power in November 2020. The TMC has complained that the BJP will forget West Bengal too, if it comes to power.

In a video statement, TMC leader Derek O’Brien said, “BJP’s free vaccine Joomla should go to Bengal in two phases. Remember what the BJP did in Bihar? They announced the time for free vaccines. The election is over, they forgot. Vaccine, don’t trust the BJP, don’t trust the BJP. “

Speaking at a public meeting in Tapan on Thursday, CM Bandyopadhyay said, “The results of the West Bengal Assembly elections will come on May 2. We will provide free Kavid vaccine to everyone above 18 years of age in Bengal after May 5.”

His comments come against the backdrop of new controversy across the country over the price of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Serum Institute of India (SII) on Wednesday fixed the price of “Covishield” vaccine. 400 per dose for state government and 600 per dose for private hospitals.

“Following the instructions of the Government of India, we are announcing the prices of Covishield vaccine – 400 per dose for state government and 600 per dose for private hospitals, ”it says.

SII further said that the company would provide 50% of the total production to the Government of India in the vaccination program and the remaining 50% of the capacity would be for the state government and private hospitals.

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