GDP ‘Knockdaves’, government blames previous governments for rising fuel prices: Sonia

Congress President Sonia Gandhi today wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressing concern over rising petrol and diesel prices in the country.

In the letter, the leader wrote that the price is at a ‘historic and temporary’ height.

Sonia Gandhi writes, “The government continues to blame previous governments for its economic ‘mismanagement as GDP’ knockdown ‘and fuel prices are unsolicited,” rollback increases fuel prices and pays for the benefits to our middle and salaried class, farmers, the poor. ” Added more.

“I am writing to you to express the anguish and deep concern that every citizen has over fuel and gas prices. On the one hand, India is noticing the regulation of jobs, wages and household incomes. And the unprecedented rise in the prices of essential commodities has exacerbated these challenges.

“Sadly, in these troubled times, the government has chosen to benefit from the plight and misery of the people,” Sonia Gandhi said.

“What amazes most people is that these prices have been raised despite the mediocre price of crude oil at international prices. In fact, the price of crude oil is almost half of what it was during the UPA government. (For 12 consecutive days until February 20) is nothing short of a daunting task, ”he said.

Equally sad is the fact that despite nearly seven years in power, the government continues to blame previous governments for its own economic mismanagement, he said in his letter to Modi.

To set the record straight, domestic crude oil production fell below 18 in 2020, Gandhi said.

The Congress chief says governments are elected to ease the burden on the people and, at the very least, do not act directly against their interests.

“I urge you to reverse this growth and benefit our middle class and the salaried class, our peasants and the poor and our colleagues. , ”He said.

“I hope you will agree that now is the time for your government to focus on solutions instead of looking for excuses. India deserves better,” Gandhi said.

“Your government has increased tariffs on diesel by 820 per cent and on petrol by 258 per cent. 21 lakh crore in the last six and a half years. In a letter to the Prime Minister, he said that this accountless-airfall has not yet reached the people for whose benefit it was collected externally.

“As I said earlier, it was cruel for the government to refuse to reduce fuel prices even though global crude oil fell to পর্যন্ত 20 / barrel last year. The whole policy and dynamic pricing policy is predicted on reduced policy,” he said. Proportionately will benefit end consumers. Your government’s failure to do so implies a deliberate and conscious decision to deny the legitimate debt to the common man, “he said.

He said the central government had been unreasonably keen on levying additional excise duty on petrol and diesel. 33 and per liter of petrol 32 per liter of diesel, which is more than the original price of these fuels.

“There is no shortage of extortion in this economic mismanagement. As the main opposition party, I urge you to follow the ‘monarchy’ and reduce fuel prices by partially reversing regional tariffs,” he said.

Petrol prices have already exceeded 100-mark in Rajasthan and a few places in Madhya Pradesh, which levy maximum VAT on fuel. On Saturday, petrol prices hit an all-time high 97 per liter in Mumbai, while diesel rates have been exceeded 88-mark.

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