In a letter to the Prime Minister on the management of Kovid, Harsh Vardhan criticized Manmohan Singh

NEW DELHI: Amid a sharp return of a letter from former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to the Center, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan on Monday blamed Congress-ruled states for the renewed rise in the Covid-19 case, raising suspicions about the vaccine. .

Explaining this, Harsh Vardhan said, “If Dr. Manmohan Singh ji offers you ‘constructive cooperation’ and valuable advice, you will accept it at such an extraordinary time as those INC India leaders, then history will be gracious to you!”

On Sunday, Singh wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging his government to disclose orders for vaccines and share their distribution strategies, as India was facing “an unprecedented state of emergency”.

In response, Harsh Vardhan said today that “irresponsible” remarks made by some Congress leaders in some party-ruled states have promoted senior citizens and even front-line workers to be given average national vaccinations.

Vardhan said in the letter, “People in your party’s and your party’s responsible positions in the state governments do not seem to share your views.”

In the last 24 hours, 2,733,610 new cases have been reported in India, pushing the case load to 1,50,611,999. About 1,619 Kovid-related deaths have been reported in the country, including 1,7878,7699 deaths.

In Maharashtra on Sunday, 6,631 cases were reported, with about 25% of new cases reported, followed by Uttar Pradesh with 30,566 new cases and Delhi with 25,462 new cases.

“Thanks to our scientists alone, many members of Congress and Congress-ruled state governments have spread lies about the effectiveness of these vaccines, leaving the vaccine in doubt and taking tremendous interest in playing with the lives of our countrymen,” the minister complained.

With due respect, and “regardless of the national negativity that your party spreads”, Vardhan said he took Singh’s advice seriously and with the belief that they were made with the national interest in mind.

“However, it appears that those who drafted your letter or suggested it to you have consistently defended your position by confusing you about material already in the public domain.”

The decision was taken a week before “your advice”, the health minister said of Singh’s advice on allowing imports of vaccines already approved by credible foreign authorities. The same is true of advice on funding and other exemptions to increase vaccine production. The decision was made long before the lion’s letter was received, and the government has funded multiple vaccine companies to increase production immediately.

“However, despite such genuine errors, we understand your deep concern for the country and we assure you to share it as well,” said Harsh Vardhan. “We request your continued cooperation in the fight against the epidemic and welcome such enlightened advice. But as a senior leader we hope you will give the same advice and wisdom to your own team leaders.”

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